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Monday, May 04, 2009
spring green
I should say straight up that this was my VERY FAVORITE puddle picture from the other day. Just as I predicted the night before, there were puddles everywhere. At that point the movie trucks were still at the park but I was over the novelty of those and was focused on these puddles, which thanks to some trick of the light were AMAZING. (Or I'm just crazy, which is a distinct possibility.) It was like Alice in Wonderland or some other mirror world where it seemed like you could jump through into the puddle, but if you didn't get back to your own world before the puddle dried up you'd be stuck there. It would seem fine at first, but then you'd find out about the screaming fire worms or that there's no such thing as chocolate or whatever and wish you hadn't been so "la la la, puddle adventure" hasty. Of course with as much as it's been raining, you wouldn't be stuck in puddle world for long, because exit puddles, bigger and more extravagant than ever, are forming this very minute! (I wonder if you could travel to other rainy locations through puddles? hmm. Puddle Transport Technology. This could be an even better idea than my Underwater Transatlantic Pneumatic Tube People Mover!)

puddle mosaic
Here's more. I restrained myself and made a little mosaic rather than posting every single puddle picture, even though that's really what I want to do. I think part of what made them so great is how they changed so much as I was moving past them. It was easy to believe that things were moving on the other side of the puddle too. Plus, the light was such that every blossom on every reflected branch was brighter, the green was greener. I could look up by looking down, which I thought was pretty cool.

Yes, I even took a puddle movie with my camera! It's not great because not only am I not a great movie-taker, but I decided to take this one while holding a bunch of other stuff so it's wobblier than it had to be.

I think it rained every kind of rain today. It started just cloudy, then changed from overcast to misty to light rain to persistent light rain to great fat drops hurtling toward the dirt. It curtailed my day of vegetable garden prep, but hastened my day of novel-reading, so I won't complain too much. I was weirdly weepy all day too, but I think that's not weather related so much as due to The Traveling Sadness. (which, while a bummer, I much prefer to The Traveling Dread.) (I don't think they travel by puddle, but what do I know?)

(I feel much better now.)
2 comments on "epic puddles"
  1. we want puddle the movie deux!

  2. ha! Be careful what you wish for. It's raining again THIS VERY MOMENT. You could be looking at an entire puddle suite/series/cycle.