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Wednesday, May 06, 2009
ONE) You know one of the things I love best about LOST? they totally score it like an old movie. If you weren't paying enough attention to know whether or not this or that particular time leap or revealed identity was actually a big deal (rather than business as usual in the Jungle of Mystery), the dun dun dunnnnn style music will tell you so! (Is Ben evil? the music says yes! But evil and INTERESTING.)

TWO) I hate those Jared ads so much. They offend me on so many levels my brain short circuits when I try to break down exactly why.

THREE) speaking of mall-quality jewelry, Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman's "open hearts" necklace for Kay does not look like hearts. It looks like cartoon butts. So yes, if you'd like to buy your mother or girlfriend or wife a diamond encrusted cartoon ass, I think you can stop looking!

more soon! involving han solo, a tree swing, and my latest minor epiphany.
4 comments on "wednesday night one two three"
  1. I don't know the Jared ads and I don't watch Lost but I have seen those jane Seymour thingies and I must say that they do look more assy than hearty.

  2. MORE ASSY THAN HEARTY! exactly! I think that should be their new slogan, myself.

  3. If a comment of mine gets your stamp of approval I know it must be good! I guess I am awesome today! YAHOO!!!!

  4. You are awesome everyday!!!


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