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Friday, December 18, 2009

I'm going for a quick trip this weekend to BEND OREGON. Bend is known for its beautiful high desert setting - it is attractive to sporty-type people due to the mountains and rivers and whatnot, but that’s not why I’m going. (I am not sporty. Relatives, puppies, impulsive road trip - the usual.) I always think of it as capital BEND OREGON, thanks to Twin Peaks and that weirdo FBI dude played by David Lynch who was stationed in some office in BEND OREGON. (He was hard of hearing, always shouting, and always letting you know that he’s not talking about BEND IOWA or wherever. BEND OREGON.)

In other news, the orange jacket in the photo above makes me ridiculously happy. There was an orange one and a black one at the store. They were both half off, but I bought the orange. I suppose the black one would have been more versatile or more practical but I sincerely doubt it would make me as glad as the orange. (Gladness has a value that cannot be measured in conventional, practical units.)

IN YET OTHER NEWS, I have finally signed up for netflix and it is so great! The library is fantastic for a lot of things, but the one weak spot is getting new movies in a timely manner - too much competition. This solves that problem - now I want to get one of those box thingies so I can watch streaming content on the TV. SO COOL! And easy. I know, I know. "Welcome to the 21st century, Jen!"

Anyway, I’ve been watching a lot of movies. More on that soon.

Below is a video that I’ve watched 4 times today, even though it’s 7 minutes long. It blows my mind! If you are alarmed by the notion that we are just tiny specks in the universe, skip it. I find the video strangely soothing and very beautiful. I’m sure it’s the kind of thing they will play in planetariums (AS THEY SHOULD), but I sort of love that it’s also the sort of thing they show on youtube.

And here’s Becky Stark in the WKE video Califunya on the subject of space travel and TIME. I watched this video and the American Museum of Natural History video for the first time on the same day (TODAY) and it made me Orange Coat happy that it happened that way.

Now I must pack for BEND OREGON. Happy weekend!
4 comments on "BEND OREGON"
  1. Most excellent coat! I have to admit I probably would have gotten both, which is why moving is such a trial.

    Enjoy BEND OREGON very much!

  2. BEND OREGON was awesome! I was only gone about 30 hours, but it was great.

    My coat choice was made easier (beyond INSTANT ORANGE HAPPINESS) because the black one was made of inferior, prone-to-pilling wool. But yeah. I want one in every color!

  3. I just joined the 21st century too and it kind of made me feel guilty like I was cheating on the library or something, but Netflix has all the old Dr. Who that has been put out on DVD so that sealed it for me.

  4. Woo! I'm glad we're in the 21st century together! I've decided that it's not cheating on the library since I still pick up movies there all the time - plus the lib. is a better deal on series (like X-Files) since you get a whole set at a time rather than one disc at a time.


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