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Sunday, December 06, 2009
I CANNOT believe it is December already. But the calendar tells me DECEMBER, so December it must be. I had a minor advance warning system holiday freakout - the kind where something shorts out in my head (I picture a red wire and a green wire, a small flare of flame, then blackened copper, smoke, and melted plastic somewhere deep in the meat of my brain), usually triggered by ads for department stores, diamond stores, or excessive jingle bells. But since I had my advance warning freakout, I can hopefully avoid future freakouts. It’s a tricky thing, but doable if I keep my wits about me - avoidance largely involves the mute button on the remote control.

Anyway, in the spirit of soothing frazzled brains, here are some ocean pictures from some time in November.

It was around 2pm here. Afternoon, anyway. The clouds and overcast sky made it seem much later, but it was so pretty I wasn’t complaining.

Puddle picture in the parking lot of Whale Cove - I didn’t see any whales, but I've seen them here before. (in the ocean! not in the puddle.)

crested wave
This looks kind of Japanese to me -I think it’s because I actually managed to get a picture of the wave cresting rather than just before or just after (like usual). I love, love, love the weird yellowy green color of the ocean here. The light kept changing, like one of those rotating party lights, only in slow motion loaded with green, blue, grey, pink, silver, yellow, gold.

gulls like it
Mirror ball ocean! Each of those seagulls had a disco whistle. I challenge any doubters to disprove me.

sky at the beach
At the D River Wayside in Lincoln City proper. I hardly ever go here because it’s usually so crowded, but it really is a lovely stretch of beach. The D River is the shortest river in the world according to itself, although apparently the Guinness Book of Records doesn’t care about shortest rivers. It flows from Devil’s Lake to the Pacific ocean, but not for long!
3 comments on "calendar acceptance"
  1. I love the Japanese wave photo! It is very reminiscent of paintings I have seen from that region. I hope your holiday FREAKOUT was the only one you will have in the next 19 days. I will try my best to not lose my s*it before that dreaded/wondrous day.

  2. Thank you! that photo is my favorite.

    I'm beginning to think my potential future holiday freakout may transform into a COLD WEATHER freakout. fifteen degrees? That's just not right. You know what would make me feel better about it? If they built a big ice building in Pioneer Courthouse Square.

    I hope that the days before the dreaded/wondrous day are good ones for you, with minimal (ideally none) freakouts or s*it losing.

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