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Thursday, December 31, 2009
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This whole year has felt like I've done it with one shoe off, hopping toward the door trying to put it on, late and ill-prepared. But that's okay - some years are just like that. Here's the main thing I've taken away from it : (mind you, it's hanging half way out of my bag and dragging on the ground a little bit, but it's there)

+ if you think of even one little thing to do that gets you a tiny bit closer to a goal (large or small, frivolous or serious), DO THAT THING. It helps! and later on when you (if you're me) are boo hooing about how you're not there yet, (wherever there might be), you'll notice when you stop being dramatic that you're probably closer than you thought. Or at least closer than when you started.

More on the new year TOMORROW. I want to finish uploading 2009 pictures before 2010 gets too far underway. (2010 may be a scramble too, but I hope for a more mindful scramble.)

Happy New Year!
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