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Sunday, December 20, 2009
I’m back from BEND OREGON, and it was even better than I remembered. Most of the mountains (there are a lot of mountains) were socked in with fog, but even so it was arrestingly beautiful both coming and going. (Different routes.)

BUT, the tiny victory I’m here to report is that I have successfully created a ringtone for my phone! This is hilarious for a number of reasons, mainly because a) I almost always keep my phone on vibrate and b) I don’t really like talking on the phone. But I love this ringtone so much, all that may change. I might become that person, the one who gets a second phone just to call the first one and hear it ring! (It’s possible I have Car Travel Delirium.) My magic ringtone is about 15 seconds from the song Fallait pas ecraser la queue du chat by Clothilde from the Swinging Mademoiselles Deux collection. (If you click on the amazon link, you can hear it in the sample.) It’s a sort of psychedelic yé-yé instrumental bit so perfect that when I heard in the car I announced, "I must learn how to do ringtones so I can have this!" I love it - it sounds very ringtone-like, but also like a groovy French sixties pop song - ringtone perfection if you ask me!

I'm so tired from all the driving in car/ riding in car that I am about to fall asleep at the keyboard. (it would not be the first time.)

3 comments on "small victories"
  1. That's an awesome and cheerful ring tone! I love it!

    I keep wanting to get the Torchwood theme as ring tone but my phone has never rung so why? I kept the ringer off all fall for teaching, plus it doesn't work at home, plus I don't use it when I drive, which equals approximately zero minutes when it could conceivably ring.

    Honestly? I don't even know what my current ring tone is.

    But yours is super cool!

  2. Hee hee. I love your new ringtone, and I love mine too! It makes me laugh every time my phone rings, because I'm expecting to hear "Winter" from Vivaldi's Four Seasons and hear world weary Maxi instead.

  3. Amazing sound. I have never to my knowledge heard Clotilde. Once again, your blog has given me a new discovery. I need to tune in more!

    BRAVA for creating an individual ringtone! I have the original one--my phone rarely rings, so...


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