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Tuesday, December 15, 2009
library sticker

1. If you get jelly or coffee or whatever on an item that belongs to the library, it’s okay to wipe it off before you return it. Really.

2. Library fines are not a moral failing. Things happen! I have library fines right now, as do many of my co-workers. Don’t be embarrassed - I can only speak for myself, but I promise I’m not doing any inward finger wagging or tut-tutting. Quick facts for Portland: you can still check things out as long as your balance is under $20; you can pay online; you can put an email address on your account and get a reminder 3 days before things are due, which will hopefully help alleviate future fines. If you’re in a dire situation, talk to someone - we’ll do our best to help you!

I feel bad that so many people come to the counter ashamed and stressed out over something that 99% of the time is really not a big deal. I feel worse about the people who are so stressed out and ashamed that they avoid the library all together.

3. I currently have 77 things checked out. CRAZY! (Although totally within legal limits.) I need to get it back down to at or around 60 items for my own peace of mind. The problem comes from cookbooks and poetry books, both if which I just want to keep forever. I guess my point is that most people who work at the library also USE the library a lot, so we understand crazy obsessions and armloads of books. In addition to paying fines, we’re also subject to the same check out periods and the same hold procedures as everyone else. I feel your pain at being #423 on the waiting list. I feel it even more keenly when I am #424.

4. The library has a deep DVD collection - Criterion Collection to TV from the 80s to documentaries to musicals to Vietnamese soap operas. Program yourself a film festival! I think I’m about to embark on Ginger Rogers without Fred. It’s fun, and you can keep DVDs out for the same period as books - 3 weeks. If nobody else has a hold on your DVD, you can renew it up to 49 times. FORTY NINE! Don’t be stingy with renewals if it will help you avoid late fees.
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  1. 77 items? I think that is a scary and awesome number and it makes feel even happier to know you, which I seriously didn't think was possible! You ARE an amazing woman.

  2. I think I managed to get it down to... 76! By taking four things back and only picking up 3 more. Maybe 60 by Christmas. or the New Year!

    BTW, I am extremely happy to know you as well!

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