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Saturday, June 11, 2011
the sun was out!
A week ago today, the sun was OUT. Not only was it out, it was out ALL DAY. Now if it would just do that for two or more consecutive days. (Looking out the window today I see some breaks in the clouds.  It could happen! Hope springs eternal.)

!!! I can't stand how beautiful and weird looking these iris are: tissue-delicate petals with visible veins and bristle-brush spiky bee-attracting tongues.

vase bubbles
I put an iris that my enemy (the SLUGS) had chewed off into a glass to see if it would bloom. It did! I also got these pretty bubbles.

coral bells
I love these orange stems and orange leaves. This is a huechera, aka coral bells. Later in the season it will send up slender stems with tiny little bell-like flowers on it.

poppy + bee
Industrious bee about his business.  A neighbor (not next door, but the next house down) has some hives and I'm always happy to see bees doing their thing. This is a poppy that grew up through the bricks on the little patio where I sit in the sun and read when there's sun.  I hope there's sun today!
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