that time I locked the keys in the car

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011
hill top view (Ashland folly)
Remember when I did this, way back in April?  This was the view that made me pull the car over at the top of the hill. I think you can see the potential - the golden light on the Ashland Springs Hotel, the pink blossoms, the green rolling hills - I even think the crooked mailbox and the steep road add a little charm, although I wouldn't call it a particularly successful capture. There are too many wires and poles and the mini-van in the parking lot at the bottom of the hill (and geographic center of the image) isn't doing the photo any favors.

hill top view (Ashland folly)
Since there was a relatively painless solution ($$, but not trip-threatening $$$), I'm not sorry I stopped to try and get a picture. I'm sorry I locked the keys in, but fortunately the problem was solved before it did much more than get my heart pumping a little faster.

Since there is another potential road trip (cross-country!) on the horizon, I thought I'd better get some of these April trip pictures posted.
3 comments on "that time I locked the keys in the car"
  1. Cross-country? I am intrigued. And maybe jealous, depending on where the destination is.
    These pictures are great, and I am glad you got locked out of your car if it means these were the cosmic tradeoff!

  2. Ha ha ha! I think it will make you and Erich laugh: Upstate New York! I will get to see Niagara Falls! Do you have any suggestions for Fun Roadtrip Times? Anything I need to see for sure?

  3. I would say to definitely go to the Canadian side of the Falls~I didn't get to but it seems a little...cleaner, maybe? Go on the boat, wear the blue parka~it is a lot of fun, and it is also a lot wetter than you might be told. They call it a mist but I would compare it to a downpour.
    Try the Tim Horton's coffee, and don't be disturbed that every 20-25 miles along the highway they have Visitor Center's that aren't so bad.


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