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Thursday, June 02, 2011
Today I was cleaning (washing dishes? sweeping? some glamorous task) while listening to music, AS ONE DOES. Measuring Cups by Andrew Bird came on and it was like a time machine to 2005. I was so sad and depressed then - I didn't realize how much until I felt better, later. As miserable as the day to day was back then, there was still a corner of my heart/mind optimistic for the future. Things are a lot better these days, but hearing this song made me aware that my spark of optimism about the future has dimmed. Maybe it's just the passage of time, or because life is generally pretty good now, or because I'm still bummed about not getting my library job on a regular/permanent basis. (should I be over it yet? It seems like I should, but obviously I'm not.)

Anyway - it's possible that I'm feeling low for some mood-swing reason and tomorrow I'll be feelin' fine. (particularly if the sun shines!) In the meantime, I'll try to cook up some improbable but fun to think about future schemes.

Here's a video of Andrew Bird performing Measuring Cups on French TV:

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