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Monday, May 30, 2011
spring quilt project
I promised Maggie I'd upload some pictures of the little quilt I finished earlier this month.  Here they are! If you look closely, you can see my current pedicure. (I took this picture less than an hour ago.)

spring quilt project
and here's the back - I used an aqua dot instead of a solid and I LOVE IT SO.  You can't really tell from any of these pictures, but the binding fabric is yellow and has toast on it. I love that, too.  This is comfortably lap sized - not as big as a bed quilt, but generous for sitting on the couch and reading under. A good napping quilt.

spring quilt project
Loop-de-loop. My second attempt at machine quilting. I think this one was harder, for some reason. I used a variegated thread that runs from pale yellow to orange.  I see a million mistakes, but overriding that (for once) is satisfaction that it's DONE and the cheerful squares and variegated wiggly loops make me happy.

spring quilt project
These back tracks are a way to enjoy the fabric on the front in a slightly bigger slice. I like that, too. This was from Elizabeth Hartman's  Practical Guide to Patchwork - she writes excellent instructions. She's got a lot of basic instruction and plain old good reading on her blog Oh, Fransson! - check it out!
8 comments on "squares and loops"
  1. JEN! this is so cheery and awesome! I love the toast (does it have feet?). I love the squigglies and that the thread is two-tone. I love that the front looks like a paper wallet and that you can really see the squigglies on the solid squares. I call dibs on it for Saturday!

  2. This is so gorgeous! Hurray! Thanks so much for posting pictures--they are incredibly inspirational. Like now I want to ditch work and run home and quilt right exactly now! Also I'm having IDEAS about how to do this next quilt differently, maybe mixing in some white to lighten it up, which I never do. Whoopee!

  3. Yay! Thank you - I'm glad you like it. The toast doesn't have feet, but the toast does look shoes for the toaster, which is a little weird, but also hilarious. I never thought of the paper wallet thing before, but you're right! Ha!

  4. Woooo - thanks, Maggie! I'm so glad you like it. White has magical lightening up properties - this is a softer white (called "snow" or "bleach" or something like that), which I find a little less stark than straight up bright white.

    Let's all ditch work and sew!

  5. This is the one craft I always feel a little torn about-it would be great fun, you can be so creative, which are great things, but if I got hooked what would I do with all of them? Because if I started and I was actually any good at it you know I couldn't stop. It would definitely replace puzzle books!
    PS-Leslita, it is supposed to be in the 80's Saturday. I know you run cold, but really, could you run that cold?

  6. You would be surprised, S.D.

    I pictured Dag's eyes rolling behind me as if he'd read your comment over my shoulder.

  7. Oh Leslita, I am now imaging thermal leggings, just for you...

  8. Are they quilted thermal leggings?

    Daniel, you should try it! if you got hooked on making quilts you can always use them for: insulation, window covering, BLANKETS, gifts, appliance cozies, ETC.


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