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Sunday, May 22, 2011
• Today at the library there was a little boy very excited to get his first library card. He'd recently had a birthday - which he informed me meant he was old enough to get a card, thank you very much. (We issue cards to babies, so he was certainly old enough in our eyes.) I didn't do the paperwork, but I was at the other desk while his grandmother made my coworker re-enact the handing off of the new library card because she didn't have her camera ready when it actually happened. It was very cute! I kept seeing camera flashes all over the library, so I assume she got him picking out his first books as an official library patron as well.  He was very proud and we were all charmed.

• I downloaded Lady Gaga's new record because Amazon mp3 is having a sale: .99! It's not a purchase I was necessarily planning on making, but she was game on SNL and I'm happy to help boost her opening weekend numbers. (If that's what I'm doing. I have a vague sense that that's what this is all about.) And come on! .99!!! I would pay that for Born This Way, and now I get that plus 13 other songs AND the digital booklet that amazon seems very excited about. Maybe in the booklet, Gaga transforms into things other than a motorcycle. Maybe Lady Centaur, Leslie Knope-style! (note: I cannot find the booklet, but it's okay because I'm amusing myself with what I imagine might be in it: half Gaga, half yacht! etc.)

• According to the link above, the price is only good through Monday, so act now.

•I just started reading My Mother She Killed Me, My Father He Ate Me and I love it already. I'm still in the introduction, but hell yeah! Many favorite authors have contributed a story, including Amy Bender, Neil Gaiman, Kelly Link, and MORE.  From the introduction: "I have a sense that a proliferation of magical stories, especially fairy tales, is correlated to a growing awareness of human separation from the wild and natural world. In fairy tales, the human and animal worlds are equal and mutually dependent. The violence, suffering, and beauty are shared."  Yes! Everyone's always turning into a bear in fairy tales. Which reminds me of this:

Here's a bit about the goal of the project: "The goal was to bring together a variety of writers--in true fairy-tale spirit, not only those widely known; I sought out writers whose work had suggested "fairy tales" to me, whether in obvious or subtle ways. Initiating the process, I asked merely that writers select a fairy tale as a starting point and to take it from there, to write a new fairy tale."  Anyway - I'm very much looking forward to reading beyond the introduction, so I'm going to go do that right now.
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  1. I see that Jim Shepherd (my new hero) has a story in here - curious to hear about it and the Kelly Link: New story or old, reprinted?

  2. I haven't got to the Jim Shepherd story yet (I didn't realize he was that guy!), but it is called Pleasure Boating in Lituya Bay, if that tells you anything. The Kelly Link is Catskin (which I also haven't got to yet), which was in Magic For Beginners. I will read it again because she is awesome.


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