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Tuesday, May 10, 2011
The sun is finally shining! Like, with shadows and everything.

There is so much to catch up on which was starting to overwhelm me, so I thought I'd write this little note more as a blog ice-breaker for myself than anything else. THE SUN IS SHINING.

other things:

•I saw a yellow bird in a front yard tree - not a goldfinch, not a canary, not big bird. I'm not sure what it was, but I hope it hangs around. Unless it's some kind of  human flesh-eating bird, in which case I hope it goes away.

•Crafty Wonderland was on Saturday. I saw many beautiful things!

•I'm reading A Discovery of Witches, which is thoroughly addicting. It has witches, vampires, alchemy and an academic library. (I KNOW, RIGHT?) Also a lot about wine that's very interesting.  It's over 600 pages and the first of a trilogy whose second and third books have yet to be written and I don't even care. Ooh, here's a little not-giving-much-away review.

• I finished the little quilt I was making! It's super cute and I shamelessly took it with me to the library when I went in to pick up my holds so I could make everyone look at it. When I got exactly what I hoped for (praise), I suddenly got embarrassed and started saying things like "it's only little" and trying to fold it up and put it back in my bag while people were still looking at it.

•Now I have to decide what to make next. I have been making fairly simple pieces with the idea that I  could finish them without too much agony and feel accomplished. Now I think I want to take on something a little more challenging, but I haven't decided what.  HMMM.

•I'm going back out into the sun while it lasts.
4 comments on "sunny afternoon"
  1. Quilt pictures! Your public demands it! Ooooooh, please? Please? C'mon!

  2. I will see what I can do! Although I feel like I should warn you it's just a simple pattern and it's not very big...

  3. Little quilt picture? I pester you!

  4. Yes! I swear to do it before the sun goes down today. (West coast time.)


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