I said ice cream

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Sunday, May 29, 2011
strawberry milkshake
Here is the promised ice cream to follow my last post.

MILKSHAKE! It was made from strawberry ice cream and served in a huge and heavy glass. I don't even know how to describe how big it was - maybe not quite as tall as my forearm? In that region. This milkshake was so big I couldn't finish it, and I REALLY wanted to finish it. The woman who made it even gave me extra on the side milkshake since it didn't all fit in the glass that was so heavy and so tall. I struggled valiantly to do justice and drink it to the bottom, but it was not to be.

mom's sundae
Mom's chocolate sundae. She wanted hot fudge, but they were out so she had chocolate sauce along with a tiny bit of whipped cream instead.

soda fountain
This soda fountain was in Tolly's restaurant in Oakland, Oregon. I think the building used to be the old drugstore. It's brick and charming - especially the bar at the soda fountain. We weren't even planning on going in, but mom saw that they had a soda fountain (serving ice cream) and said OH HELL YES. (except my mom doesn't swear, so it was her version of OH HELL YES, which is mostly accomplished by stubborn body language - a way of standing that says "we're not leaving this town until I have ice cream." It's not like I was going to argue with her about it.)

soda fountain
I love the old soda pumps. I'm not sure how these worked  - my guess is that the flavored syrup came out of these, with soda water on top? Something like that?

This makes me think of Creep by Radiohead because sometimes my brain seems to bounce to literal associations: they sing special, this says special. SO VERY SPECIAL. I mean, it doesn't go with the song at all! Radiohead says What the hell am I doing here? and I think  I'm eating ice cream. 

soda fountain swans
These look like swans, don't they? The one on the left has the word SUPERCOLD running up the back of its neck. I'm still reading that fairy tale collection and there are a LOT OF SWANS. Or people who used to be swans. Actually, people who were people first, then swans, then back to people or people with one swan wing. As you might imagine, this can cause spiritual and mental distress.

soda fountain
This is a picture of a picture from inside the museum/historical society. (Yes, I go to small town museums AND I LIKE IT.) I don't think this is the same soda fountain, but I love the photo - same soda/syrup dispensers! Love the gibson girl (sorta) poofy hair! The cup of straws!  LOVE!
7 comments on "I said ice cream"
  1. Iiiiiiiice Creeeeeeammm!

  2. yeeeeeeeeeessss! I want some right now.

  3. When I have a sundae I also enjoy it with a "tiny bit" of whipped cream just about that size! It might be 6:30am right now but I don't think I would say no to either of those ice cream delights!

  4. Yes! Ice cream with a "tiny bit" of whipped cream is the 24 hour/ 12 months a year treat! If it's cold outside (like now, in almost-June) you just put hot fudge on it!

  5. I seem to crave ice cream most when it is cold outside so this year has definitely not been a true friend of my belly or thighs. Oh well, it's been worth it!

  6. So glad you liked it, Maggie!

    Daniel - I know just what you mean! I'd love to discover what dessert I crave when the sun shines for more than 2 hours consecutively.


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