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Thursday, May 05, 2011

Please enjoy these now out of season yellow daffodils (the photo is from March). Yesterday was BEAUTIFUL, with the sun shining, bees buzzing and tiny little bluebirds synchronized-swim-spelling my name in the birdbath. (some of this is contra-factual.) (I don't even know if contra-factual is a thing or not, but you know what I mean.) Anyway - yesterday was great! Even if I did have to google "omg what is that smell, I think something died under the house." (Google suggests quick lime and time.) I planted plants, went to a nursery and read in the sun. Were there other things I maybe should have been doing? Of course, but the SUN was SHINING.

After I got home from trivia (we came in 3rd) I discovered that according to the weatherman, today was going to less sun, more rain, p.s. that 80 degree day we promised is delayed. But who cares? The sun will shine eventually and it will be WONDERFUL, la la la let us praise the pleasures of anticipation. (I care, but I'm trying to put a good face on it. In my heart of hearts I want the sun and I want it now! - Veruca Salt stamping foot style.)

silver falls
(another sun flare in the rain forest picture. I love them forever.)

In other news, the book I'm reading (Among Others by Jo Walton) is SO GOOD. I wasn't even sure I was going to get to it - I'd heard good things, but the blurb on goodreads didn't excite me too much and I had just a couple of days before I had to return it to the library. But since one of my goals as a reader is to stretch out and all that jazz, I decided to give it the 50 page test.  So glad I did!  I'm about halfway through it now - it reminds me a lot of I Capture the Castle with its first person teenaged girl narrator who is sometimes too smart for her own good.  More on this after I finish. Books that surprise me like this make me so glad I read.


Sometimes I wake up with a song stuck in my head -  yesterday it was Rich Girl by Hall and Oates (see below). I blame Freegal and Leslie, who mentioned one week that she was using her Freegal downloads for Hall and Oates. I promptly copied her. Freegal is a pretty sweet deal - if you don't live in Portland, check your local library to see if they also offer it. Tip for my fellow Portlanders - your weekly allotment expires at 9pm on Sunday nights! I thought it was midnight, and it is but only on the east coast. Now I try to remember during the week so I don't accidentally miss my 3 free songs. I've been using it as a time machine (Manic Monday) and for Glee songs (What? I NEEDED to hear the Warblers sing Bills, Bills, Bills again and again), and for Ke$ha singles. (The guy who runs trivia uses her lyrics a lot so at first it was for that, but now it's because I get genuine pop single pleasure from listening to them.)

5 comments on "rich girl"
  1. Freegal?? Please expound!!! Are they temporary downloads?

    And now I have rich girl stuck in my head. :p

  2. Freegal = Free + Legal (as you may have deduced from their clever portmanteau). It's a service that libraries can buy a subscription to: users log in with their library card number and PIN and download 3 MP3s per week, which we can keep FOREVAH. They are DRM free. It doesn't have everything, but there's the whole Sony Music Entertainment catalog to browse. In short, it's a SWEET DEAL.

    I wonder if Rich Girl is the undefeatable earworm? I'm still singing it.

  3. Fascinating! I used my three for Maneater, Kiss on my List and because it reminds me of one of my favorite YouTube videos (which I may have learned about from you): You Make My Dreams

  4. I used more than three! I mean, more than one week's worth. I had You Make My Dreams already (from the 500 Days of Summer soundtrack, which I snagged at the library), and got:
    •I Can't Go For That,
    •She's Gone (I like singing with this one - it's good for hair brush emoting.)
    •Rich Girl
    •Sarah Smile - I got this one because in high school I had got the old history book (or some book) of a super cute boy a year ahead and he had lyrics from this song written on a piece of paper stuck inside - illustrated with a drawing of a flower. Me and my pals were convinced that he was (in addition to being super hot and a saxophone player), way deep, sensitive, and like, A POET until somebody came along and said "uh, you guys know this is a Hall & Oates song, right?" to which we all replied "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Anyway, that's why I downloaded that one.

    • I still love that keyboard cat/ h&o mashup SO HARD!

  5. forgot to add: I need Kiss on My List! Also, I didn't STEAL the cute saxophone boy's book, it was just the one I happened to get when I took sophomore history or whathaveyou.


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