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Thursday, May 26, 2011
knock on the door
I finally got some of my April road trip pictures uploaded! These are from Oakland, Oregon. I love this door detail.

And here is the door from far away. There's a lotta bricks in Oakland.  Also, ice cream. (ice cream to follow.)

In other news, I am ridiculously excited that the lady who cuts my hair now has an online appointment system, as I had an irrational dread of making appointments. Now I do not, and I'm getting my hair cut today, hooray! (It was getting long and I was getting that uncomfortable feeling that it was actively plotting against me.)

ALSO! I have unearthed a quilt project from the nineties! It was from a class and I never finished it because I got busy or went crazy or something like that. It's extra-satisfying to work on it and know not only am I finishing something long in limbo,  it will be one less box hanging around taunting me. (and one more quilt on my bed.)

Rereading the last two paragraphs, I wonder if I have some sort of personification problem. But maybe it's just a (totally normal!) way to deal with the basic craziness of life on earth. Yeah! So my hair is plotting and the boxes are taunting, but there's some kind of squirrel party* happening in the tree out my window, so it probably all balances out, right? Right.

*I believe they are moving their squirrel babies to the cedar tree out front.
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