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Saturday, June 25, 2011
1) The sun is shining - and not like it has been, with a bank of ominous black clouds on the horizon - SHINING, blue sky in every direction shining. (I know this may not be an issue in most of the rest of the country, but I've been watching TV under a blanket for the entire month of june. That's just not right.)

2) My ipod just served up Sir Duke by Stevie Wonder, the beginning of which never fails to make me happy.

3) GREENS SAVED BY GOOD SAMARITAN BOWL: A local salad spinner full of cold water saved a bunch of wilted lettuce abandoned on the second shelf of a NE portland refrigerator - the lettuce plumped up so much it popped the lid off in the night. (This trick also works for wilted cilantro - all you need is a bowl, cold water, and time.)
3 comments on "three good things"
  1. Hooray for good things! I have a bad attitude today - I do not want to go on a work trip, I do not want to send one of my dogs to a dogsitter for a week, and I definitely do not want to get up at 3:30 am to make my flight tomorrow! That it's FINALLY sunny and I have to leave it just makes it all even more craptacular.

  2. Oh, man! I'm sorry - that does suck. I know it's not a total consolation for the litany of craptacular you've got to deal with, but it looks like the weather should be nice again when you return!

  3. Now that I am here, it is less craptacular. It's very sunny here too. I don't really have to be to work tomorrow until 10 a.m. and I developed a scheme on the plane wherein I do not work on Friday. Maybe it will all be ok!


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