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Tuesday, June 07, 2011
Work has been surprisingly (and exhaustingly) BUSY this week, which is why I haven't written any followup to that last late spring malaise post. Bullet point update since I should be asleep this very minute:

•the sun shone on the weekend and it really did cheer me up

•ROGUE ROTARY CUTTER: my sister took a slice off her finger with a rotary cutter*.  She had to go to the ER and be seen to since it a) hurt like a mofo and b) was bleeding so much. They couldn't do stitches, because the rotary cutter removed the parts you'd sew together. They put some magic bandage on it that promotes growing new flesh and healing and stuff.  (*Rotary cutter = one of those pizza cutter looking things, only sharp like a RAZOR and for fabric, not fingers! But now this rotary cutter has a taste for human flesh, which is concerning. Should we make it a little Hannibal Lecter mask? Keep it in a locked drawer?)  

•she's very proud that she managed not to get any blood on the fabric. 

•did you know they're bundling whooping cough boosters with tetanus shots now? (Filed under things I thought I'd never hear in the 21st century.)

• the Junior Rose Parade is tomorrow (right outside of where I'm working) which means a crazy day. I'm so tired already, but I'm sure the sight and sound of middle school funk marching bands will cheer me right up like they always do. 

More soon - I'm reading a ton and have much to say!
7 comments on "early mid-week report"
  1. I hope you enjoy the Middle School Funk Festival!
    I had to have my finger stitched up when I cut it using one of those deli slicer things, so I feel your sisters pain. The ouchiness and the blood! I must've been about 23 when it happened and there was so much blood that I asked the Nurse if I would need a transfusion. I still remember the look she gave me, which said "NO" and "Are you crazy?" at the same time...apparently we have a lot more blood than I thought...I hope Reba is feeling better!

  2. I just got the tetanus bundle Friday! cough away!

  3. Hee! I think that "NO" and "Are you crazy?" look is something they must teach in nursing school! (I would have asked the same thing.)

    Anonymous: was this a recreational tetanus bundle? I hope you didn't step on a nail or slice off any part of your person.

  4. Poor MQ! I hope she's feeling better!

  5. Daniel - I meant I would have asked the same thing about the TRANSFUSION, not about the crazy.

    Anonymous (Martina, is that you?), MQ is feeling much better! There is a whole BANDAGE ROUTINE and things look like they're healing apace.

  6. I am just glad that R is doing fine. And I am not sure why I called her Reba before and I will do all I can to make sure that isn't what I start calling her from this day forward...

  7. Yes, it is I, Modean! Glad she's feeling better.


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