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Monday, July 04, 2011
I thought since this was a picture of an Abe Lincoln silhouette, it was suitable for the holiday. 
This is from Lynda Barry's excellent What It Is. I saw her at Wordstock a couple of years ago and she signed it for me. I couldn't even look while she was doing it (author signings make me nervous, authors I like a lot are so much worse, nerves-wise. I almost never get things signed, but I had to because I like her so much)  but when I saw it, I loved it. We chatted a little bit about libraries (we are both IN FAVOR) while she did her thing. The way they had the signing laid out, it felt more like an audience (in a good way) than just standing in a queue forever for 2 seconds of "I love your stuff."  

I realized when I got home that I was wearing my interrobang necklace, which I think might have been an influence for Abe's heartbangs! (which I LOVE FOREVER.) 

Today (July 4)  was a lovely day - the sun was out all day long, some friends came over for food which we ate in the dappled shade.  It was all very casual and relaxed and the nicest Independence Day I've had in a while. I hope yours was lovely or explosive or whatever it is you like in your summer federal holidays. 
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