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Wednesday, July 13, 2011
sweet pea package

I can't seem to get anything actually done today. I feel like a ghost in an 80s made for TV movie where I stand around and pass my hands through objects I intended to pick up. (in my newly imagined 80s ghost state, I'm wearing a dress with ridiculous Jessica McClintock ruffles and enormous shoulder pads - now my jeans and t-shirt reality is even less interesting than it was 10 minutes ago before I thought of that. Good work, Jen!)  I went to bed way too late and then ended up sleeping longer than I intended and everything is just 80s-shoulder-pad-in-the-washing-machine out of whack.

Things I have done today:
• got my hair cut (it's super way cuter than last time)
• dumped all my clean clothes on the bed with the idea that they will get put away
• made some tentative explorations of Google+.  I like it, but am wary. My cousin helpfully posted a bunch of pictures of her kids, so I got to make some comments and see what's what. I'm sure I'll be less squirrelly about it as time goes on. (or MORE squirrelly about it. it could go that way, too.) I don't know why I'm so wigged out about facebook but apparently don't mind google being all up in my business.

Things I intend to do today, but probably won't due to my Ghost Hands diagnosis:

• put AWAY the clothes I dumped on the bed
• address the mountain of clothes that has risen seemingly out of nowhere. (I think there must be an electro-clotho-magnetic REGION under that carpet. Why else would everything end up there? As usual, science provides an answer.)
•SWEET PEA RESCUE: I planted some sweet pea vines in a container, but of course didn't provide sufficient height for them to grow on. They're blooming now (and smell so good!), but they're starting to flop over. I need to do something fast or they're going to BREAK and I will CRY.

All right - I should probably go wave my ghost hands over something. Some days are just like this.
3 comments on "ghost hands"
  1. Hooray sweetpeas! They are so pretty. Happy pre-birthday eve!

  2. Ghost hands! I prefer those, most of the time, to jazz hands!
    I have enjoyed Facebook, so I am looking forward to someday trying out the Google+. It sounds fun?

  3. Thanks, Martina! I'm gonna take some birthday-eve-proper pictures of them today, I think.

    Daniel now I'm thinking how broadway choreography would change with ghost hands instead of jazz hands: There are a lot of dropped dancers, it's not pretty. I sent you a + invite - let me know if you don't get it.


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