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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wednesday night is trivia night most weeks, and this past week I had to hold down the table by myself for a while. Usually there are at least 4 of us, and we're always a pretty happy table. This week it was just me for a loooong time - a couple of regulars couldn't make it, and the other bedrock team member was running late. I thought it would be fine and it mostly was, but I will admit that it got a little nervous/weird for me. (which was weird! I was sitting there thinking "this is weird for me!" and being surprised by it.) I'm used to being a part of this weekly unit so I felt a little forlorn holding down the table even as I thought that it was a pretty stupid time to feel forlorn since I was in a room full of people united for a common purpose, most of whom I know by sight at least.

I dug around in my purse for something to do - it really needs to be cleaned out, and that's no lie. After a little digging I came up with a small paper notebook (one of those three pack moleskine dealies) and thought that I could make some notes for a story I'm working on. This was a great idea! Something about being away from my computer altogether and thinking about it in an unusual environment was very productive.

The waitress came by and was nice, as always. She knows my drink!  The trivia host came by and was nice as always, although I know I'm a bit of a blank spot for him since most everyone that goes to trivia is his facebook friend and I'm not on facebook.

I made some patio notes while the clock ticked by:

• At the table behind me (new team) there was a guy with crazy hair and intense big eyes who was really excited about phones. He talked about phones for at least 45 minutes. blah blah Android, blah blah Swype, blah blah aps, blah blah iphone iphone iphone.  He was cute, in a really into phones Jude-Law-hair way. Many beers later he landed on his ass trying to get out of the table. (they're picnic tables in a semi-enclosed outdoor patio.) He blamed flip-flops, but I'd say it was half beer, half flip-flops.

• a big truck going way too fast between stop signs. What's the hurry?

• not everyone needs my help: a somewhat helpless looking nerdy dude wanders in with a new release fantasy epic tucked under one arm -  he looks about, I presume for an empty table. (tables fill up fast.) I find myself in library helper mode and want to point him to the table that just opened up. I don't do this, because how annoying would that be. He hasn't asked for help and offering it in this instance would be obnoxious. I realize that I'm always anticipating, which is great at work and great with people I know, but exhausting to have turned on all the time for random strangers. I needn't have worried, as he found the table and then had 5 friends join him, while I still was alone at my table. Maybe they felt sorry for me!

• My favorite team (after the one I'm on) was sitting at the table in front of me. The core members are two sweet boys a couple of years out of college. One of them says to me (as the host is handing out paper) that I'm welcome to join them if my teammates don't show up. This is very kind and I appreciate it. The host says to them "you just want a librarian ringer on your team!" and the nice boy said no, that it was because I looked so lonely sitting all by myself.  I was sincerely grateful for this offer, but I knew my friend was coming so I stayed put.

• There's a girl across the room who has given no fewer than 5 high-fives in the short amount of time she's been here.

• My friend came, our team (three members strong by the end!) tied for second place.
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