wednesday walk mosaic

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Wednesday, July 06, 2011
wednesday walk mosaic

So, I've been thinking about how I want to start taking walks again - usually the thinking takes a lot longer, but this morning the sun was shining, my legs hurt already from working in the garden + a day of post-holiday library labor (bookdrop never stopped), so I decided to just go. Woo! It was good! I went a way I've never gone before, which kept it interesting.  I took some pictures, I listened to some music, I crossed the street rather than walk by the sketchy guy outside the hardware store (which of course meant he 'hey, how you doin''-ed at me across the street), I walked by lots of really great houses with really lousy gardens, and lots (and lots) of beautiful gardens. Here are a few pictures - I wish I'd taken more, but there was walking and thinking to do!

top row: Allium from my yard;  bee balm, which reminds me I want to get bee balm; the biggest poppy pods I've ever seen - they were as big as my fist!

second row: awesome chalk t-rex; they were watering grass at the cemetery - I had to climb a rock to get this picture over the fence. (I hope no one saw my graceful rock ascent and descent); I like these stone mosaic pavers

third row: restaurant on fremont - love that huge rusty thing, whatever it is; RED TRIM on the upholstery shop;  mossy checkerboard in someone's driveway strip.

when I got home I used mapitnow to recreate my route, which was totally fun and then got home and made my photo mosaic with fd's flickr toys, which was also totally fun. TOTALLY FUN.
3 comments on "wednesday walk mosaic"
  1. that restaurant on Fremont used to be one of my favorites. Loud though. And for the life of me I can't remember it's name!

  2. Fife? I think it's Soluna or something like that now. Do you think it's the design of the building that makes it loud?

  3. Yes, Fife! I think the building design had a lot to do with it. Plus, that building went up seemingly overnight. I don't want to be in when the big one hits!


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