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Wednesday, July 20, 2011
These are from the beginning of June, but SO PRETTY I am posting them now.  This is a peony and they are beautiful.

Rhododendron is very satisfying to write out on the keyboard - I think it's the hododen in the middle. Don't the stamens in this photo look like an organic spying device? Like if you were in Wonderland or Labyrinth or some place like that,  these would report back to the Red Queen or the Goblin King or whoever?

orange poppy
Poppies! I love them.

yellow rose
lemon buttery

lavender rose
lavender meringue

rose pinkred

peony pink
I'll close this post with another peony. (gorgeous! underrated! they smell good, too!)

Coming soon: beach pictures, news, information, miscellany.
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