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Sunday, July 31, 2011

I don't think I've mentioned it here, but I'm heading out on a big ass road trip Thursday morning. Me, my sister, our mom, and our suitcases rolling cross-country to upstate New York. My mom was born there, has family and childhood associations she wants to share with us - she's been wanting us to go with her for AGES, so we're finally just going to do it. (She's done it twice herself in recent years.)

ANYWAY. I'm trying to pack as light and smart as I can, but I also want everything I want. We'll see how that goes. I got a Kindle for my birthday so book packing is a little easier. (But not entirely easier, for reasons I will probably explain in my next procrastinating post.)

We've finally hit summer weather here in Portland - the kind where it'll be in the mid-high 80s in the afternoon. I know this is considered cool weather through most of where we'll be going, so I'm trying to adjust my mind.

(Photo is from the sculpture garden at the Portland Art Museum, where I met my pal Blondie on Friday. We looked at the fancy car exhibit, which is amazing. They don't make them like they used to doesn't even begin to cover it. After that we went to see a quilt exhibit at the Oregon Historical Society, which is now free for Multnomah County residents (we passed a levy). After that - OHS is right across the park from PAM - we walked down to Elephant's Deli, got sandwiches and watched kids play in the fountain in the plaza. A good time was had by all!)
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