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Friday, August 05, 2011
Bridge in Twin Falls, Idaho
(bridge in Twin Falls, Idaho)

I've been to this part of Idaho one other time, several years ago. I was visiting with a second cousin (I don't know - my mom's cousin? Does that make him a second cousin to me?) and he said that one thing he learned after he moved to Idaho is that you don't joke around about potatoes. Potatoes are (in addition to being DELICIOUS), the major agricultural money crop for the area.

This morning, while my sister and I were packing up the car in the Twin Falls Best Western parking lot, I overheard a bizarre in any other context conversation about 300 lbs. of potatoes that this guy had up in his room. Apparently he was in town for a few days and it was too hot to keep them in the truck. They were good ones, he said - one pounders! When asked by the cowboy-hatted gentleman from whom he was borrowing a luggage cart, he admitted that he planned to eat them.

I love this idea of renting a room for your potatoes! Did he line them up on a table in front of the air conditioner? Did he have them in luggage?

(I'm writing this from Laramie, Wyoming and I'm super tired! But we saw the Great Salt Lake today, which was amazing. A-Mazing. More pictures and whatnot soon.)
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