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Sunday, August 14, 2011
welcome to Utah
Greetings from Auburn, New York! I know it's confusing with the Welcome to Utah above, but I'm at that phase of the trip where these things happen. I fell behind because I was without internet for a few days, which was surprisingly not stressful and in fact was kind of nice.  But back to Utah and the Great Salt Lake...

This photo was from the rest area where my mom took full advantage of the volunteer working behind the counter. She asked him the best place to see the lake, and what to see on a 'just driving through' tour of the city. He provided maps and advice; we went to the lake first, and it was well worth it! (We spent so long there, we never made it to SLC proper. I wanted to see it  because my sister said the streets were wide to allow for a six horse team pulling a (wagon? buggy? carriage?) to make a full U-turn. WIDE! But after we got away from the lake itself we realized we needed to start heading east - Salt Lake City is close enough to visit another time.)

causeway to Antelope Island on the Great Salt Lake, Utah

There's a 7 mile causeway to get to Antelope Island State Park. There's also a little radio station you can tune into to get basic information - did you know that one side of the lake is saltier than the other? That you can go for moonlight bicycle rides? That there is a herd of 500 bison on the island? Neither did we! This photo is of the causeway from the visitor's center.

the great Salt Lake

I thought this viewfinder looked like a Jawa from Star Wars. The lake is HUGE. Miles and miles wide. You can read more about its saltiness and largeness and Jawa population here. 

the great salt lake, utah
The visitor's center is made out of formed concrete, which I imagine holds up to the salinity of the air better than wood or metal. The air was very salty and briny - totally provided beach hair despite being landlocked.

the great salt lake, utah
There are also birds EVERYWHERE. (those tiny specks out the window are birds.)

the great salt lake, utah
More birds! This part of the lake was estuary-stinky. The rest of it was beach-fresh.

lake blue
the signs all said that things look closer than they really are across the lake. I believe them.

bison and that guy
There's a herd of 500 bison on the island - every sign explicitly states not to get too close. I know it's wrong, but I was kind of hoping for a mini-stampede or non-lethal trampling for this guy - he got in EVERYONE'S picture in order to get a better picture for himself. If it's that important to you, maybe you should get a zoom lens.

the great salt lake
I love the blue look of the surrounding mountains. It looks fake, doesn't it? Like a painted backdrop for an old film.

the great salt lake

So pretty. I'd definitely go back - I'd like to try swimming in the lake. (Which is allowed! you can also camp there.)
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