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Monday, August 29, 2011
I've decided today is Get Ready To Paint Day - I'm going to paint one wall and two parts of a different wall so they're all the same color. Then I'm gonna paint the floor! Woot! But first the boring hard parts, which is putting everything away, moving things away from the wall, etc. Because I'm me, not everything has an "away"  - sitting on a pile on top of the bookcase/table/floor is not away when it comes to paint. (I just indulged in an hilarious self-pitying heavy sigh at the thought of it.) But PAINT. I will persevere because it's gonna look awesome.


my ipod just played this - ha ha ha!  these videos always make me laugh, but it's out of fondness for and not embarrassment at my former Duran Duran obsessed self. (Also, they made AWESOME VIDEOS and I will thumb wrestle anyone who says otherwise.) (I have double jointed thumbs - you will not win.) 

I was going to post a video for a band I saw on Friday, but I think I'll give them a separate post later today.

8 comments on "is there something I should know?"
  1. I think that Roger Taylor(!) was the first male musician type to give me butterflies, so much so that I was willing to endure verbal abuse for carrying around my Duran Duran peechee. While at school. Not just, you know, around the neighborhood.
    I listened to Wham! yesterday while doing a crafty thingy. The music really does help.

  2. I'm so jealous! I couldn't have Duran Duran peechees at school because apparently they weren't Jesus-y enough.

    I was torn between Simon and John, but chose John because my friend was 100% Team Simon, and it would be awkward to fight over our Imaginary Rockstar Boyfriend. (Another friend, a few years later, was all about Andy, which to this day I swear she did to be perverse.) BUT YES, Roger is a handsome man! Classically handsome, really.

  3. Roger always seemed like the strong, silent type. But not in a bad boy way, just in a nice, quiet way.

  4. yes, exactly! Like he helps old ladies across the street and rebuilds barns that fall down without anyone asking him to, but he doesn't want to talk about it - he just wants to go shirtless horseback riding on the beach with the sun setting behind him.

  5. Time has been kind to all of the fellows. As I am sure we will all see on September 24th!!!

    I was always Team JT. The original JT. My best friend at the time was firmly entrenched in Camp Rhodes.

    And SP - I took a heap of abuse just the other evening for confessing my love for DD. Worth it!

  6. Yes, it has and YES WE WILL! (I went looking for Simon's book club last night and actually downloaded mp3s of him reading from Talking to Girls about Duran Duran.)

    I want to go back in time and give bitchface from the future to those verbal bullies at SP's school, give the "are you fucking kidding me?" speech to the devil-hypochondriacs at my school, and a helping of "bitch, please" to modern-day DD dissers on behalf of Anonymous T. (although I'm sure you dealt with it handily.) I feel EMPOWERED and it's not even noon.

  7. I have to confess that I don't have much interest in new DD music, or new music by anyone that I loved back "in the olden days", but it keeps them perfect in my mind, so it works. It might also play into my delusion that I am half the age my birth certificate claims I am, but whatever.

  8. I haven't kept up with their output, either - but I do think it's cool that they've been together, making new music, all this time. I think a lot of bands can't handle the shift from being Hot Shit Center of the Sun famous to orbiting a more distant planet. But they did it!

    I hear you on the birth certificate thing - I know I should just get over it already, but it blows my mind that there are functional BALDING adults who were born while I was in high school. Time, man.


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