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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

I haven't read this one yet! I just learned, thanks to goodreads, that this is book 6 of M.M. Kaye's Death In... series. I just got up and counted and I have FIVE of them with these lamé-glamorous early eighties covers! I must have hit the jackpot at a library sale or used bookstore. I've only read Death in Zanzibar and Death in Kashmir - they were written in the 50s, published with these covers in the 80s (duh) and read by me in the 90s. As I recall, they feature plucky young ladies falling into  international adventures and being cleverer than the villain (who is usually handsome and/or charming as is the way of these books), which is to say the kind of story I like. 

Oh no! I just inspected the covers more closely, and my copy of Death in Zanzibar is from 1984 and therefore lacking the shiny metallic part and the heroine is wearing a jumpsuit. (an EIGHTIES JUMPSUIT.)  I'd better go to bed before I get myself too worked up about this discovery. 
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