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Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Like many spectacle-loving Americans, I watched the Super Bowl halftime show this morning on youtube. MISSY ELLIOTT!!!  I miss Missy! I didn't even know how much until I saw her again. I've collected a few videos so I have them all in one place when I want to watch them.

(other Katy Perry Spectacular note: I really loved that lion puppet she rode in on at the beginning - all that PLUS dancing sharks?? Come on! No complaints here.)

These videos are like a time machine to the late 90s/early 2000s. Wouldn't it be cool if they WERE a time machine? I'm not ruling it out.

Lots of MTV at the time familiar faces in all of these videos.

The Rain is the first time I remember seeing/hearing Missy Elliott. What a memorable song/video!  It seemed so different to everything else out there - so deliberately weird but compelling - like an alternate science fiction future in which we all look magnificent in our garbage bag garments and gold glitter head pieces.

I keep almost getting to what I want to say, but it's battling with the fact that I have to go to bed because I work in the morning so I can't quite get it right. Probably just as well. In a nutshell: she's an idiosyncratic national treasure and a hugely talented writer/performer/producer and I'm glad she's back.
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