rain walks are the best walks

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Monday, February 09, 2015

1) it's when the dinosaurs come out (apparently)
2) sensible people remain indoors
3) which means I can meander and stop and start and do pretty much whatever I want without ruining things for a runner. So many runners!
4) I actually have the clothes for it! even though I want to replace almost all of them. I should say I have the right clothes for a rain walk in the 38 - 55 degree range. Above or below that I would be too cold/too hot/ unlikely to leave the house for a rain walk.
5) I want to start walking to work so I thought I should start practicing
1 comment on "rain walks are the best walks"
  1. OMG, I am cracking up! I thought you meant you had clothes for the dinosaur. I was thinking about you a working with all your fabric and making little outfits for him? Her?


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