farewell, my little plastic friend

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Friday, April 21, 2006
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It's official. I LOST my library card! I know just how it happened. I walked down there earlier this week and on my way out I was putting stuff in my bag, arranging my earbuds, fixing my jacket, etc. I did not put the card back in my wallet, but just had it sitting on top of my books -- and I'm sure it landed somewhere on the floor of the library vestibule. I know someone turned it in (the librarian was squirrelly when I asked about it since I was so obviously hoping to just get my old one back), but I also know it was really ratty. It was the same card I have had forever. The plastic was cracked, I had to put tape over the numbers to keep them from peeling off...in short, it was pretty disreputable looking. BUT I KNEW THE NUMBER! Farewell, 21168007316276! We had a lot of good times. I'm sorry that my carelessness has probably sent you to the card chipper.
6 comments on "farewell, my little plastic friend"
  1. are you trying to break our hearts?
    (sniff, snuffle)

  2. What can I say? it was a GOOD library card. People SHOULD be crying!!! I'm sure the new one will be fine... (and hopefully easy to remember -- it has a lot of 5's)

  3. New is not necessarily better, she said, confounding those that prefer to throw away the pen, rather than buy a refill, etc. Like that old wallet I had that was stolen: the leather worn colorless and paper-thin. The replacement is a brand new look-alike--but does not have its history.

    Condolences, Jen, on the demise of your treasured card.

  4. Aw, thanks Patty -- it'll be all right. It's not like they suspended my library privileges or anything!

    Right now I am in a Wordstock Coma and honestly just happy to live in a city with such an excellent library system. ...and now it is time for the unconscious portion of the wordstock coma (aka NAP).

  5. Life will work out. Plastic is as plastic does.

  6. Noooooooo! I would freak out! They don't let you keep your old number????? GAH! I mean, I get it but GAH! It is like when US bank changed the account numbers in like 1996...I still haven't been able to memorize the new one but the old one just rattles right off. Of course, the library card will get used much more (yay). I hope you bond quickly with the new card!


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