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Monday, April 03, 2006
My problem (# 234a) -- I mean to do a thing (it could be almost anything), and I really do have every intention of following through and things go well for a while.. but then maybe it starts to fall off due to some emergency (imagined or otherwise), or boredom, or a new project, or laziness, or the relative position of Venus to Neptune AND SO ON. It is tiresome, I tell you what.

If you don't know this feeling, I envy you. It seems like most of my time is spent getting BACK ON TRACK because I have wandered off YET AGAIN. The thing that I've finally figured out is that you can't beat yourself up too much for the wandering off. All you can do is try not to wander so far, and get back on track as soon as you can. Which is all the lengthy preamble (I love the word preamble) to....

Things I've said (and meant) before, but it is time to say them again:
I am going to be more timely with updates! Maybe it's spring, maybe it's the time change, maybe it's coded messages in the newspaper -- but I feel like I've got my legs back under me again. Things that seemed like they would be a mess forever just a week ago are sorting themselves out. HOORAY! Anyway -- it is my hope and plan to be a more consistent blog updater. Good thing I figured this out early in the month, because as we all know, April is the month of Wordstock. And, as it turns out, the 10th anniversary of National Poetry Month! If you go here, they are doing a poem/postcard for every day in the month of April.
3 comments on "time change!"
  1. Huzzah (that's right, I said it - HUZZAH!) for timely updates! Perhaps your timeliness will be a good influence.

  2. Woot! The scarce double-huzzah! I'm honored.

  3. As you should be! I reserve the double-huzzah only for special people. It's too powerful for use on the general public.


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