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Sunday, April 09, 2006
soon I will be forced to stop using weekdays in blog titles. but not yet!

Well, two days later I can say this -- don't ask the lords of the internet for ANYTHING. I think success would involve even more complicated provisos and addenda than you have to use when wishing to a genie in a bottle. To update: I still can't read minds (just as well), my project is GONE (but I didn't get to the beach because I got a stomach virus instead), but my clothes are clean!

Today Bec and I went to the hillbilly movie theater (we were near it when the time was convenient... but NEVER AGAIN!) and saw Inside Man, which was so good! I mean, I love Clive Owen, and to quote Angel, "who doesn't love Denzel?" But both of them together? Does not make me unhappy.

And speaking of movies... last night we watched Ninotchka. So fun! I had recently seen something about Ernst Lubitsch on a list I read (it was a sideways reference, but got me curious)... so I went to the library and found this movie. So great! It is all charm, wit, and sweetness, plus really funny -- not a bad combination. And in a weird coincidence I had also put Silk Stockings on hold a couple of weeks before. Silk Stockings, it turns out, is the musical (Cole Porter!) version of Ninotchka. I was looking at the back of the DVD and saw that that it was ANOTHER movie about a Russian envoy in Paris and thought "what are the odds?" before I noticed the huge "MUSICAL VERSION OF NINOTCHKA" type right above it. I haven't watched it yet, but it will be fun to watch them both fairly close together.
3 comments on "sunday, SUNDAY, sunday"
  1. I luv movie suggestions...

  2. And didja know: the campaign for Ninotchka was "Garbo laughs!" Famous Hollywood story, perhaps apocryphal, is that in the actual scene (Garbo laughs at Douglas's pratfall in the restaurant), Garbo's laugh had to be dubbed.

  3. I think I've figured out how I came to get both of these movies -- the list I was reading someone was talking about a Reuben Mamoulian movie (the library didn't have that particular one, but they did have Silk Stockings) and someone else mentioned Ernst Lubitsch (which the library did have..) Anyway, it wasn't quite as random as I remembered, but I still had NO IDEA that they were the same story. The bonus: is there a more fun name to say than Reuben Mamoulian? Not that I can think of (today)!

    patty -- I think you'd like Ninotchka!

    mernitman -- I did see the "Garbo Laughs!" since it was plastered all over a picture of smiling Garbo on the DVD case, but I hadn't heard the story about her big laugh being dubbed in. I think it should be true even if it isn't. (which is, I suppose, why these stories linger on!)


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