five yay, five nay

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Wednesday, April 19, 2006
the yay's:

1. flip-flop weather (finally!!)
2. Getting Rid of Stuff (for real!)
3. The song Qué Onda Guero by Beck. I quite enjoy the way he says "mariachi band"
4. The library! (today I picked up the new Crusie/Mayer, the Circus of Dr. Lao, and some book on feng shui that I would never buy)
5. fixing things that were broken
BONUS: Erin's Weird and Wonderful Word of the Day Today's word was shamal

the nay's:

1. Guy in front of me at Home Depot: You are wearing a BELT and yet your pants are still below your ass. I am aware that this is an old-lady rant, but seriously dude -- do you not know what belts are FOR??? Hint: they are not for keeping your pants below your ass. I wish I could write tickets (like the police!) and make people attend Remedial Trouser Wearing classes. I would also give a ticket to the woman at the grocery store wearing NO PANTS. It's warm lady, but it's not that warm!
2. headaches
3. throwing out 3999 lipsticks from the mid 90's. throwing them away was great, but why the hell did I still have them?
4. washing dishes - why can't they just wash themselves??? whine
5. (since I gave myself two bonus yay's, I will deduct a nay since it was pretty much devolving into straight on whining, and who wants to read that?)
4 comments on "five yay, five nay"
  1. About the butt-crack nay: Yeah, what is it with that, anyway? Like the belly button, the butt-crack seems way over-rated as a body-part-to-expose these days. But you do see them everywhere--at the library, at the grocery, well just about anywhere where there are people. Unlike the shock of the plumber's butt in days past-- the dreaded views seem here to stay. Maybe eventually we are going to return to a state of accepted nudity--like a return to the Garden of Eden. But ARGH! I hate the thought of shopping at Fred's with all those bodies in view. Would put me right off the carrots, I tell you.

  2. There was no butt crack, it was all boxer shorts! (THANK GOD!) But you have given me a count my blessings moment... it could have been so much worse!

    I still say Remedial Trouser School is the answer. I mean -- wear them LOW, wear them high (but not all the way under the armpits, please) just not belted UNDER YOUR ASS! I am envisioning one of those pull down charts (like a map in history class) with the Anatomy of Trousers on them.

  3. What about slacks? How do you feel about low riding slacks? Did I mention the word "slacks"? Slacks, slacks, slackety slack slack slacks.

  4. SMITE SMITE SMITE!!!! (that's how I feel about ... that word)


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