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Wednesday, March 29, 2006
magnolia-ish flower

This week has been driving me crazy. (shifting deadlines, a million and one other being-nibbled-to-death-by-ducks issues, etc. -- and it is only WEDNESDAY!) Clearly, it is time for a list! I find them soothing.

Prettiest flower seen this week: The one in the picture at the top of this post. I spotted it when I was walking down to the library, and managed to catch it in a non-windy moment. Hooray! Although I have to say the daffodils are looking really nice right now and I saw some beautiful all red camellias today. Special best smelling award goes to daphne odora, which doesn't look like much, but smells divine.

Best Sunday thrifting find: 2 old-school 60's full-slips. For 2.99 each!

new favorite zone-out game: Thanks to Bec for tipping me off to... Mastercards! It is basically the Memory game (where you turn over cards to find matches) using art instead of pictures of apples or whatever.

most interesting character spotted at the park this week (SO FAR): I don't know his name, and I don't want to know his name.. but he looks like a second-tier (maybe third tier) baddie from a Roger Moore-era Bond movie. One of the ones who gets killed in the first pseudo martial-arts fight or thrown in a volcano or something. He wears a fedora, a trench coat, what looks like a fake mustache but probably isn't, large square glasses, and walks with one stiff leg. I know he's probably just some GUY out getting a little exercise.. but he is rather peculiar. He looks like someone wearing an obvious disguise so that's all you'd notice when it comes time to describe him to the cops. Alright, this isn't really a GOOD THING, but it's a thing.

current favorite Hard Day's Night -era Beatle: George. I think it's the whole scene with the trend-spotters. Actually, I lie. It's when he's explaining to the tech guy why he shouldn't touch Ringo's drums. "They loom large in his legend."

cool blog featuring old illustrations: BibliOdyssey (found via Boing Boing.)

song stuck in my head for most of the afternoon: Pistol Packin' Mama by Al Dexter and his Troopers. For what it's worth, I don't think it is really reflective of my state of mind so much as just STUCK IN MY HEAD. This counts as a good thing though, because it is amusing to wander around singing:
Lay that pistol down, babe - lay that pistol down
Pistol Packin' Mama, lay that pistol down.

She kicked out my windshield - she hit me over the head
She cussed and cried and said I'd lied and wished that I was dead.

Drinking beer in a cabaret and dancin' with a blond
Until one night she shot out the light - Bang! that blond was gone.

(although if you want to avoid LOOKS, it is really a better one to sing in private)
4 comments on "good things (spring-related and otherwise)"
  1. Wow! That flower popped me right out of my doldrums! (Post waffle dinner doldrums.)

  2. You're sweet! Those post waffle dinner doldrums can be a tough nut to crack.

  3. My favorite Beatle quote is the line by Ringo, when they threaten to cut off his finger. "I've had a lot of fun with this finger."

  4. Is that from Hard Day's Night? I don't remember it! Or is it from the one with the magic ring? It's a great line, in any case.


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