reason #52 aka, what's in the box?

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006
Jack White makes me happy:

I have a backyard
with nothing in it
except a stick, a dog
and a box with something in it

(from the Hardest Button to Button)
2 comments on "reason #52 aka, what's in the box?"
  1. so what's your take on this Raconteurs single?

  2. Although it's weird to hear Jack White with all those extra instruments and voices, I am in favor! I would have never made the "hey, you know -- Jack White and Brendan Benson should work together" leap, but I think it works. Point of concern: what sounds to me like a "chasing clowns" lyric, although there are a lot of frolicking cows in the video so maybe they are chasing cows. Or maybe my computer speakers are not really the best.


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