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Monday, March 06, 2006
I made the MAKE: Blog. I would just like to note for posterity that the black under my fingernail is paint from a project earlier that day, and not the result of chronic poor hygiene. I make no excuses for the chipped nail polish.
4 comments on "check it out:"
  1. Go you! Now that the world has recognized your paint chippy brilliance it is only a matter of time until you conquer it completely! In other pre-equinoxical news, do you know what happens when you google "Powellhurst"? Try it. You'll see. It's very exciting, because you KNOW how often people google Powellhurst.

  2. You rock! If you google "law of sympathy" you either get a bunch of sites offering to write condolences, or instructions on voodoo dolls. There's probably an opportunity for some sort of cross-marketing there.

    World domination wasn't on my list of things to do, but if you think I should add it... (it will have to slot between making the perfect mix CD and trips to the library, though)

  3. OMG - you're the coolest person I know! Did you notice how many times your photos have been viewed now? 400-500 times is how many!
    So did you discover this on your own or did the Make people email you to let you know?

  4. ha ha!! I am the biggest nerd you know! I was checking my comments on flickr and noticed one on the wallet, and also noticed that the count had gone WAY UP, so I did a technorati search on my pics and found the Make entry! (about a half hour after they made it). There have been over 600 hits on that set since yesterday, which kind of blows my mind. Anyway, I'm glad that the wallet word is out and people can now make their own money carrying devices with ease!


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