oh, monday.

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Monday, March 13, 2006
I am sick. I know this because:
a) I feel gross
b) everything takes 5 times longer than it should.
I am hopeful that it is just the light version of the plague that everyone else had, and that I will be feeling fine by tomorrow. (Is wishful thinking a symptom? because if it is I may have been sick for longer than I thought.) Anyway, the point is that I am not coherent enough to finish the epic post I have been working on (although the Nyquill writing added a certain something to it), so instead I am going to share some linky love. I have checked with the CDC, and there is no risk of contracting anything (except possible enjoyment!) by clicking on these links:

He Wrote, She Wrote -- they are prepping for the big publicity push for their upcoming book Don't Look Down. I find their collaboration so interesting --mostly I am just fascinated by how they are taking their two very different styles and beating them into cooperation. Plus bickering. But it seems like honest bickering and I am very interested by their process. (process is one of those annoying jargony words, but I can't think of a better one. Blame the drugs) If it seems like you are coming in on the middle of something, go back to the beginning -- there aren't that many posts.

Leslita is in Puerto Rico! Read here for updates on spanish keyboards, spam, and driving on sand! I want to go on vacation. Of course I have been saying that since before Leslita went to China, which was like 4 vacations ago for her. note to self: stop thinking, start doing.

Horreur Vacui -- another friend finally browbeat into blogging. Perhaps I should feel guilty? I don't. I wonder if browbeating is some sort of eldest-child syndrome?

Meg's Diary -- Meg Cabot's blog. I just like Meg so much -- I can't help it. Her Good News post a while back was just what the doctor ordered. Maybe if I read it again now I will be miraculously cured.

Whip Up: handcrafts in a hectic world -- this blog is awesome if you have any interest in craft-type stuff at all.

it's all one thing -- the blog of Will Shetterly. I haven't read any of his books, but I have been enjoying the blog so I will probably check them out some time or another.
4 comments on "oh, monday."
  1. I hope you are feeling better now - are you?

  2. Yes, thank you! Mostly better, anyway. I am still a little congested and tired, but it's nothing that sudafed and sleep won't fix.

  3. Man, I got it too! I left work early and got some Zicam so hopefully I'll make some short work of it! Glad you're feeling better though!

  4. I hope you feel better soon! Being sick sucks. Gooo Zicam!


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