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Tuesday, February 05, 2008
Funniest thing heard on the local news only moments ago by an entirely sincere news anchor: "Oregon's primary may actually count!" It's so sad and funny, but I will admit also a little EXCITING. I was listening to CNN today (god help me) and they were trying to make the case that having two candidates continuing to run was bad for the democratic party. I think it's GREAT for the party -- it gives people who maybe weren't aware an idea of what the issues ARE, and the scope of the potential for change. As long as it doesn't get nasty (and perhaps I'm being completely naive, but the mudslinging really backfired before the debate so it's possible they'll keep it issue based), I think having two intelligent candidates talk/argue issues can only be a good thing.

I love my Free Will Astrology horoscope this week. It simultaneously makes absolutely no sense and perfect sense, like all the best things. Go here to read yours. Here's mine: The World Dream Bank ( collects tales recorded by spirited dreamers. I'd like to call your attention to one of those dreams, because you'll benefit from entertaining similar themes. Here's a paraphrased report: "I dreamed I was a telepathic teenage unicorn with five hearts. My lesbian twin, an untameable mare from the Middle of Nowhere Desert, came to join me, as did my best friend, a cute Tyrannosaurus Rex doctor on roller skates. We built a boat and sailed off into a warm red sea, headed towards a rite of passage that we looked forward to as a fun adventure. We passed a buoy with a sign that said, 'Beware of Insane Swimming Bunnies.' We weren't scared in the least. We had packets of magic confetti that we knew would make the bunnies sane." Hooray for fun adventures! And knowing what makes the bunnies sane.

I am still sick. It is just stupid now -- my head is all congested, my ears pop every time I move or open my mouth, and I managed to burst a blood vessel in my EYE while trying to clear my ears. (I could feel it happening and was convinced I would look in the mirror and see a giant bloody eye, but instead it is just a broken blood vessel that makes me look like I was hitting the magic confetti a little hard. So unfair.) I'm not contagious, I just feel crappy. My goal is to be well enough tomorrow that I can get through 6 hours at a new-to-me library without the tubercular death-rattle cough and that my ears are clear enough to hear people. That's all I ask! I am willing to cough all the way home if I can keep it to myself for the duration of my shift. (So reasonable! some day the universe will take me up on one of these bargains.)

ION before I fall into what I hope will be a deep and healing sleep, my valentine's cards are coming along nicely, although I do wonder why I felt the need to have so many tiny pieces that need gluing. Really. OOOH, here's something cool: I got a "can we use your photo" request yesterday on Flickr, which happens every so often. Anyway, this request comes with the very distinct opportunity for payment, which would be a first for me! It came from a local, well-known ad agency, so we shall see. I wasn't even expecting a photo credit, so the notion of actual money, however modest, is delightful.
3 comments on "beware of insane swimming bunnies"
  1. 46 weeks out of the year I enjoy my Free Will horoscope, and this is one of them. The linky made it so much easier. I am also suffering from a congested head which includes, but not limited to: the nose and eyes and ears. So being able to clink on a link as opposed to typing anything? Much better.

  2. I'm sorry that you're head is congested. It is a MISERY. I hate not being able to hear people. (not to mention the whole head cavity full of MUCUOS, which is just nasty.) I hope you feel better soon!

  3. I hope you are feeling better as well. I mostly suffer went it is time to sleep. I, like most folks, dislike that "I can't breathe!" feeling. Not pleasant. The not being able to hear people thing, though? A blessing I say.


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