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Wednesday, February 20, 2008
This morning started with the exciting adventure of getting a slug (A SLUG) off of the ceiling (THE CEILING!)... (THE CEILING!!!). I know this is the rainy northwest and all, but come on!

A day that starts like that can really go anywhere, and so far a litany of assorted wrongness has led me directly to the conclusion that my mojo is broken, or at least crumpled. Crumpled mojo = no good! I have taken some emergency mojo repair maneuvers:

1) wearing a dress! I usually wear jeans to work because it's easier. This is an experiment, but I think it will still allow me to move around. (can't wear anything that is too narrow in the skirt or getting on and off the chair behind the counter would be a non-stop graceless comedy hour, which is only funny when it happens to someone else.)

2) have painted my toenails! (the word toenails is kind of gross, but I didn't actually paint my whole TOE so... Oh, wait! 2a) I gave myself a pedicure! (much better!)

3) (this isn't an actual maneuver, but nature may improve my mood) it looks like the clouds may be burning off enough that I'll be able to see the full lunar eclipse tonight. I'm working, but the branch I'll be at has lots of windows, and maybe I'll be lucky enough to take my break when the moon is doing its thing. (in case it is cloudy, I am urging anyone who CAN see it to look at it some for me.)

There is various other uncategorized weirdness, but I since I have to finish getting dressed (my shoes don't match since I was debating which one would provide maximum mojo repair -- boots won) and go to work, I'll have to catch it later.

no slugs were harmed during removal from the ceiling. (CEILING!)
5 comments on "slug on the ceiling (what a feeling)"
  1. I started my day at 4:15AM so I could go with Deanna to take Laura for her cataract surgery at Willamette Falls Hospital in historic Oregon City. The trip was easy, even though we were lost for a good 5 minutes, and the surgery seemed to go well. Follow up tomorrow afternoon. If I had a slug on my ceiling this morning it would have thrown me off. Not as much as the ants in the laptop throw me off, but mostly that is anger. It does not surprise me anymore, it just annoys me. I hate ants in a way that I do not hate spiders. I did not wear a dress today or do my toenails, but Erich does does want me to do something about my callouses...TMI? We are also currently watching the eclipse. Thank you for the NASA link. It really helped. Seriously.

  2. I will quote Bart Simpson and say, "there's a 4:15 in the morning now?" !!! I'm glad the surgery went well. I've had ants in the laptop, too. It's my own fault because I eat in front of it all the time!

    I'm glad you got to see the eclipse! I got to see a good portion of it -- I was at your branch, even! We took turns running outside to check on it.

  3. I don't mind being up at 4:15. It's the transition from dark to light that always makes me feel sweaty and sticky. So attractive.
    Maybe when you are at my branch you should let someone that lives near there know so they can drop in??? Just a thought. Fully eclipsed moons do not agree with me. I found it to be upsetting and it almost sent me under the bed.

  4. okay, okay! next time I'm there I'll let you know. I always feel like I'm hassling you though! like I'm all weird and up in your space! (although it is always great to see you. have I mentioned lately that i might be crazy?)

    I'm sorry the eclipse was upsetting for you -- I found it kind of exhilarating and kept running outside to look at it.

  5. Maybe we can arrange adjoining rooms at the funny farm? Or if they split us up based on m/f we could have rooms facing each other over the courtyard and throw paper airplanes at each other, perhaps play telephone with paper cups and string? The crazies are in me and I wish they'd leave. But seriously, let me know when you are in the 'hood and maybe I'll drop by with a library query.


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