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Thursday, February 14, 2008
bandaid knee
(from my roller derby t-shirt. You can't see the lightning bolts here, but I thought the knee band-aids looked appropriately heart-like.)

happy valentine's day! I know it can be a controversial holiday, particularly among fellow unattached human beings on earth. [diamond cartel rant excised, except for this much: I swear to god, that "hypnotize her with this hideous necklace" jewelry ad is WRONG on so many levels I can't even start to list them. Actually, I started, but got sidetracked into a very unproductive (but violent and strangely satisfying) cul-de-sac that involved me poking out eyeballs with a "diamond journey" bullshit necklace.] But I do like the paper valentine/cheesy/cheery/conversation heart (FAX ME) wing of the holiday. Ms. Dressaday sums up my (non-violent) feelings so nicely here with "I like Valentine's as an excuse to wear red, obviously, and also because I think it's a great day to just be nice to people for no reason. Pick the grumpiest-looking random person you can find, and hold a door open for them today, or pay them a compliment. You can find something to compliment ANYONE about, I promise. (I'm very much looking forward to being an cheerfully eccentric old lady and can give people pieces of candy out of my pockets without them thinking it's creepy and weird.") (Dressaday in general is such a great inspiration for having fun getting dressed! Recommended x1000.)

ANYWAY. I also like Valentine's Day because it means I get to make valentine cards, which are my favorite holiday cards to make right after halloween. I am having a hard time getting a good picture of this year's card, so instead know that I generated many piles of garbage that looked like this during construction:
valentine project

In Other News: I am really digging the She & Him song Why Do You Let Me Stay Here? (via Stereogum). I wish I could remember where I read the bit about the collaboration (Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward) being like Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazelwood for the Starbucks set. (I tried to find it to no avail!) Anyway, it's kinda true, but I like Nancy and Lee and I don't care one way or the other for Starbucks, so there's that. The song is not particularly demanding or deep, but it is sweet, jaunty, laid back and it makes me happy goddammit! The record doesn't come out until March, but you can download the song at the link above, or at the Merge Records site. How cute are they?? (I think that cemetery is the one near my house, but I always think everything is near my house so who knows? I am sure it's in portland, though.)

(random tree interlude -- the sky is crazy this time of year! this was at noon!)

And Last but certainly not least... a new (to me) Feist video! I love it! there are explosions! and jumping around! And a stripey shirt! (I really wish this would happen when I bang on garbage cans.) (also via Stereogum.)
9 comments on "I think you're just so pleasant"
  1. Diamonds are evil. For many reasons. The main reason I dislike them I can not share here as it would make me sound pompous. I have always enjoyed this day as it reminds me of when I was young and it was all about the candy, no matter where it came from. I would also like to be able to hand out candy without people thinking I was creepy and/or weird. Those are givens, but not for the need I feel to sugarate the planet. That should be respected and admired.

  2. I want to hear your pompous reason! Is it some kind of "diamonds are white trash" argument? They really are evil for actual quantifiable reasons (how they are mined being #1) -- and they aren't even that RARE! The whole thing is a giant fraud and those effing mall jewelers and others like "jared" (WTF kind of name is that for a jewelry store? Why not call it Assholes R Us?) exist merely to perpetrate this really harmful "love = tacky but expensive gifts" equation.

    sugaration should totally be respected and admired! Although I've been eating chocolate cake all day, so I may not be the most reliable person to comment on that.

  3. I feel the same way about diamond as I do about roses, and yes, you are right about the reason. Sort of. I would say common as opposed to white trash, but I am aware of actual quantifiable reasons why they are evil. I know what happens to the children, and small adults, they use to mine them and I know what this industry does to nations around the world, most especially in Africa, of course. But on a lighter note, you should watch Jimmy Kimmel for the first 15 minutes Friday nights. Unnecessary censorship sketch is so funny. Usually. When it looked as if Cookie Monster was using the letter F in a not so family friendly way? I laughed lots. It helped me forget that you can buy roses at a gas station which, well, makes them useless.

  4. Thank you for the card! Not to be pathetic, but it was my only valentine this year. But it was lovely. It will be going on the permanent display shelf with the Halloween card - from 2 years ago!

    I am ambivalent about Valentine's day. I think it's a pressure "holiday" like New Years and St Patty's - you look at what others are doing and wonder "is mine better or worse, and if so, am I a loser". It was more fun as a kid. Plus, one year my boyfriend chose that day to tell me he'd been cheating on me.

    Personally, I'm looking forward to Easter.

  5. BBD -- I wonder if the cookie monster thing is on youTube! That sounds hilarious.

    Anonymous T -- I'm glad you got your card! FWIW, I understand Valentine Ambivalence, for sure. Especially as a single person -- there are lots of elements of it which feel exclusive and could put me in a very bad mood, but I discovered that focusing on the fun parts that make me happy (paper valentines, candy hearts, etc.) deflated the pressure elements (you're alone and therefore the most pathetic loser on earth parts).

    Sorry about the old cheater boyfriend with a bad sense of timing! I think you should not let him ruin anything any more. I like easter too, but mostly for the robin's eggs. (I'm sorry, but peeps are just gross!)

  6. There is not a word for the grossness that are PEEPS! And what's worse, they've now infiltrated every holiday! Have you seen the 4th of July PEEPS!

  7. Peeps. I can't eat them but I love them. Always, in all ways.

  8. I'll admit I do laugh when I see them exploding in the microwave, but otherwise marshmallow peeps are a waste of candy!

  9. If you type in Unnecessary Censorship on the youTube it sure as heck shows up, and there are so many to choose from. The few seconds of cookie monster and the letter F is, well, fantastic.


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