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Tuesday, February 26, 2008
circle experiment
(I took this today using my camera (duh) and one of those little bubble wands that I found in the dirt at the park. I decided to do some experimenting -- this was the best of the aprox. 10 photos I tried using this technique. I'm sure I looked like I had a mental disorder holding this dirty plastic thing in front of the camera, but I'm pretty well used to looking crazy at the park now, and I don't think joggers have much room for finger-pointing. With a little more practice I think this bubble wand could result in some fun pictures.)

After a period of feeling like I would never have an idea again (roughly feb. 1 till today), I am back in the market for a new project. I know I said that I was going to do a february version of project 365 and attempt to take a self-portrait every day for a (short) month, but that fell apart somewhere in week two. I got sick, and frankly it was boring. I got a couple of pictures I liked alright, and I suspect it's one of those things where you just have to power through the boring awkward bits to get to where self-consciousness fades away and it all starts to make sense, but... as I said I got sick, and then I didn't care. Maybe I'll attempt to revive that project later, but it really isn't speaking to me now. (maybe I need to stare at the pictures until they start talking to me, and THEN I'll be ready for my next project! and my medication.)

Work is spotty for me this week so I'm trying to get things done at home. Some of it isn't bad (going through my closet and getting rid of things I haven't worn in a year, etc.), some of it isn't fun but I have to do it (filing papers! I hate it so much and I don't know why). However, even with these glamorous projects in mind, I still want to have something bigger going on. I did the blog-a-day AND the quilt in January, but now that both of those are over, I feel like the laziest person on earth since I don't have anything going. Which brings me to some photos!

future projects
I came across these fabrics today -- I probably won't use them together, but I thought it was funny how well they went together, especially considering that they were both gifts and given two years apart. I think I've only got 2/3 a yard or so of the silk on the left, and about 4 yards of the cotton on the right. I think I want to make a dress from the cotton, but of course I don't have a pattern in mind or any remotely useful ideas.

vintage japanese silk

a friend gave me this really great piece of vintage japanese silk, which has some shibori details that don't show very well in this picture. It's such a wonderful piece -- it's hand stitched together (since it's in traditional 18" kimono widths), and even more charmingly hand mended in many places where the fabric is damaged. Unfortunately, there are more tiny un-mended holes and it's a color that makes me look like I have liver disease if I wear it near my face. I want to do something with this piece, but everything I think of is not quite right, so I might just keep doing what I've been doing, which is drape it over something and just look at it. Doesn't really help with my project problem, however.

... and a camellia, just because. Spring is coming!
flirty camellia
5 comments on "what to do next?"
  1. Nobody seems to like filing papers and such but I love it. Maybe because the papers I have aren't necessary to keep, like for tax purposes, but it amazes me how many book titles I have written down over the years. I like the picture with the dirty plastic thing. It looks good and it feels so tough, probably because we know where it came from. You sure like to pick up garbage, don't you?

  2. Ha! you have a good point about papers -- I do like all the little bits of paper that I've collected because they look cool, and I even have a special spot (now) that I put all the scribbled post-its with book titles that I cram in my pockets when I'm at the library -- but I hate filing bank statements and stuff like that.

    Yeah, that's right. I love GARBAGE like Oscar the Grouch! hee hee. actually, I usually throw it in the garbage can when I do pick it up, but sometimes it's interesting and I KEEP IT.

  3. It just reminded me of a wing, and not of the chicken variety, that you brought home once. It also reminded me that I once, as an older teenager, found a curling iron in the park and gave it to my sisters friend for her birthday. Of course it was given the way it was found, muddy and rusty, so no one ever used it.

  4. Dude, the wing wasn't garbage! It was NATURE, man!

    Did you wrap the curling iron nicely? I am now wondering how the curling iron came to be in the park. hmmm...

  5. Nature is different than garbage. My bad. I guess. I think I put the curling iron in a paperbag, and I wondered how it ended up there as well, like I wonder how it could be that I see so many single shoes around town. Wouldn't you notice a shoe has fallen off?


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