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Monday, February 18, 2008
I have been such a blog slacker! Not that there is a specific number of posts to which I aspire, but my intention was to do more and I have in fact done less. Why do I hold myself to impossible standards on some things and write myself a million free passes on others? A QUESTION FOR THE AGES. Or, you know, just something for me to think about since the ages are probably busy with more important matters.

Maybe it's because we're having a few days of lovely spring-like weather right now, but it feels like things (vague enough for you?) are shifting ever so slightly in a positive direction. But who knows -- mostly it's a bunch of stuff that starts off sounding good ("we'll pay you!" or "would you like a temporary regular assignment here at your most favorite branch in the entire system?") that may or may not ever manifest into something more. Just starting with something that sounds good is a pleasant change, so I'm going to continue going about my business and hope for the best without obsessing. (ha! well, I am going to try to do those things -- complete success is unlikely.)

ANYWAY. Here are some pictures.

tree day monday
this is the horse chestnut in front of my house. All the branches that have been stick straight and dormant all winter long are starting to gear up for spring. I can only imagine that waking up from an entire winter asleep is quite the process -- no coffee or tea if you're a tree! Maybe this early thickening limb stage is analogous to shuffling down the hallway to the room with the caffeine.

tree day monday
I wish I had more zoom on my camera so I could capture some of the more delicate details. The finer branches look like lace.

tree day monday
here's some love for the evergreen trees!

tree day monday
this one has a power line in it, but I like how the sun looks against the white bark of the tree.

....and on a completely different topic, here's proof that I finished that quilt project. Woo hoo! It's not perfect (there were some 'dealing with bias stretch' issues), but I like it! Most importantly: it's finished!

on the floor so I can see the binding quilt
5 comments on "monday, sunny tree day"
  1. I love the photos. I tried to enjoy these sunny days but people seem to always, without fail, get in my way. I do like that my favorite season is coming up again very soon. Yummy cherry blossoms and all of that.

  2. Yay for cherry blossoms and spring! Boo to people who are getting in your way!

    (here's another benefit to getting your driver's license: you can say "I'm taking the car" and drive AWAY from people, all by yourself if you want.) I hope that your sunny day people-in-your-way luck shifts today while it's still sunny!

  3. I am a bit fearful of the whole "getting in my car and going for a drive" thing, as I am afraid of where I will end up driving to, but I am excited at the prospect of escape and running errands that don't involve checking a bus schedule or two. Or three. I am also looking forward to the cherry blossoms and sunshine that will soon be all around.

  4. Jen, I LOVE the way your quilt turned out!

  5. BBD -- that is one of the best parts! (errands on your schedule)

    Leslita -- Thank you! I love it too!


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