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Thursday, March 20, 2008
spring green
Happy Vernal Equinox! -- day and night equal length today, but from here until june it will be longer days. (hooray!) I love spring and summer in this city. I intended this post to be longer, but instead I will keep it short (for now) since, thanks to Martina, I have a ticket to go see Barack Obama at the crack of dawn and I should really go to sleep. It's her birthday (and the first day of spring!) and she gave me a ticket. That's some good birthday karma right there. Happy Birthday, Martina!

Happy Spring, other people in the northern hemisphere! Happy Autumn, people in the southern hemisphere!

cherry pink
this is like the tree that blooms right outside my window. I think it's actually a plum and not a cherry, but "cherry blossom" sounds springier, somehow. today, in perfectly fitting spring weather, there was a freak hail/rain shower with a lot of wind. There were pink petals mixed in with the rest and it was really quite lovely (nature's ticker tape parade!), although I was happy to be inside looking at it rather than outside in the middle of it.

I don't know where else to say it, so I'll say it here: today at the park I saw a hummingbird! The funny thing was, I heard it first! They sound like large bugs -- their wings do make a humming (more of a buzzing, really) sound. What I always forget is that they also make this really distinctive smacking noise when they're looking for food. I would have thought it way to early for hummingbirds, but the green one I saw today thought differently. (it's so funny that I saw one since I was JUST thinking about them the other day.)

Peonies! They look like aliens at this stage. Or shiny cooked cabbage. Cooked cabbage aliens at a dance. "would all cabbage aliens please leave the dance floor?" They always refuse, thank god. They persist, looking strange and not of this earth, leaning on each other and swaying back and forth until May/June when they become some of the most beautiful flowers you've ever seen. (they smell good, too. Way to go, cabbage aliens!)

puddle reflection
this is from tuesday. It's been raining a lot, but also sunny a lot. Usually in the same day. More soon.
6 comments on "all things being equal"
  1. The photos are so lovely and beautiful and lush! I am hoping that todays weather will a) stick around or b) keep me satisfied until the sun comes back again.

  2. Thanks, man! I'm happy I had extras to share with you and MQ. I think he's really great and you're great, so you go together like peanutbutter and chocolate. It was only right that you get a ticket! I gave my last extra to one of the campaign volunteers, so hopefully that allowed someone who didn't have one to get in without paying one of the asshole scheisters who were trying to sell free tickets for a profit. (Sorry we didn't get to sit together, though.)

    P.s. Woo hoo spring! It is so pretty out today. I just wish it were warmer so we could eat outside!

  3. P.p.s Man, were you ever right about the birthday karma!

  4. BBD -- it looks like it's sunny today! for now, anyway.

    Martina -- woo hoo spring indeed! I hope you're having a very happy birthday week/weekend, because you deserve it. Dinner (and cake) was marvelous. Spring is here and anything (including hail and random bunnies) seems possible.

  5. I, unlike others, blame bunnies for, well, nothing, so I wouldn't mind seeing some hop about town. Hail on its own? No thanks. But hail mixed with sunshine? Dynomite!

  6. Gol. I sure do love your photos. They make my heart glad.


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