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Friday, March 28, 2008
It's snowing!! They said it might, (they = International Cabal of Meteorologists) but I never believe them because they are prone to ratings-grabbing hysteria and are notoriously unreliable. Maybe I'll start my own faction, the Benevolent Order of Intuitive Weather. We'll be wrong a lot too, but no one will expect Intuitive Meteorologists to be right, so we'll SEEM right more often. When they (ICM) say in that teasing way on the evening news "will we see snow in portland?" the answer is almost always "no" for most of the city. (the exception being the west hills or wherever it is that people are still somehow in the city limits, yet have enough acreage to keep alpacas.) My point = SNOW! At the end of March! I knew I should have picked daffodils yesterday. I'm sure it will turn to rain very soon; maybe by the time I finish writing this, which would be convenient because then I won't have to brush the snow off my car.
5 comments on "snow on the valley floor"
  1. I went for a walk in the snow this morning and it was lovely. I either looked straight ahead with a little upward slant or to my right which was the view of Oaks Bottom and all of that. I do like the snow and I like that it was mostly a visual thrill as actual snow is not that exciting, in the sense that walking/driving in it can be "sketchy". Unless you are prepared for it and not surprised by it. Whatever. All I meant to say was that I really enjoyed it.

  2. I love walking in the snow! You're right - it's a visual thrill, but it's still pretty darn thrilling. I bet your walk was lovely -- so pretty around there!

    (driving in it was No Big Deal since the roads were just wet and not frozen.)

  3. It, my walk, bordered on delightful, and I wish that it could have lasted a little longer. But what I really want is the SUN!!!

  4. it will get here someday!

    (the sun'll come out tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar that TOmorow, there'll be sun)

    (ha ha haha ha ha ha ha!!!!)

  5. It's a hard knock life indeed!!!


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