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Friday, March 07, 2008
What a strange day! I had high hopes for getting a bunch of stuff done since I wasn't working anywhere today, but instead spent the morning in a weird weepy fog. Yesterday was good, things are generally going well, but I was inexplicably sad all morning. I did manage to drag myself out the door and head down to the park -- eyes puffy, nose red, etc. A VISION OF GLAMOUR, as always.

On my way there I ran into the park guy who always reminds me of the kind of shifty diplomat in a third world country that appears in certain cinematic thrillers. He's the fatcat american who is charming but untrustworthy, although you are forced to work with him at some point near the very end when he either helps or betrays you -- whichever suits his purposes. He's probably not like my imaginary shifty diplomat/embassy employee at all -- would a shifty diplomat have a standard poodle that loves to chase squirrels? I doubt it! This guy has been nothing but cordial to me; I don't know why my brain insists on making him a shifty u.s. diplomat in a banana republic. Observation #1: the brain is a mysterious organ/realm/zone.

Once at the park, I found three keys. How weird is that? THREE KEYS. Two of them were together -- at first I thought they were luggage keys (like keys for old hard-sided aqua-colored samsonite. I had a good ponder about who would be dragging samsonite through the park in the middle of the night and so on, as one does), but then I figured they were more likely keys to a bike lock or something more prosaic than hard-sided aqua-colored samsonite. They were shiny and silver with jagged even teeth. I put them in my pocket. Observation #2: I think I want some hard-sided aqua-colored samsonite. Observation #2a: am I turning into a park kleptomaniac?

I walked some more. My ipod struggled to cheer me up, the sun struggled to shine, the dog-humans struggled to throw tennis balls far enough to please their furry masters. Something caught my eye at the base of a tree -- another key! how weird. This one was gold and had a round circular tag on it that said "garage, 35.00" in little old lady cursive. (you know the kind.) I left it there, but had to pick it up the next time I went by. Three keys in one day! I'd like to think that it has some meaning because it is just so strange, but I suspect it is Observation #3: I will pick up shiny things.

As for my mood, I am feeling much better. It finally started raining for real here, so maybe I was picking up some bad barometer vibes or some other Milli-Vanilli Blame It On The Rain Malady.
3 comments on "three key mystery"
  1. Would you prefer Oscar the Grouch or Miss Oscar the Grouch or Mrs. Oscar the Grouch? And you know this question has nothing to do with your mood and everything to do with your penchant for trash collecting. I hope that this day brings more sunshine, in all ways.

  2. ha ha! Miss Grouchy if you're nasty!

    I wonder if I should pursue trash collecting as a profession, or just keep it to hobby level? Thanks for the good wishes. I am still feeling kind of flat, but not miserable, so that's an improvement!

    I hope your weekend is wonderful.

  3. Miss Grouchy it shall be!!! I hope you are feeling less flat as the day races towards springing forward. In winter, no less. Whoever thought that was a good idea is indeed a "genius" of epic proportions.


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