confessions of a DEQ scofflaw

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Monday, March 17, 2008
chandelier tree

The tags on my car have expired and I have NO DESIRE to go and get them renewed. They expired on the 2nd of February, but since it doesn't say the day on the little number tag (only the month), I always wait until the end of Feb. to do it. Except this time! Now I am waiting for who knows what. I have no good excuse: I don't anticipate any trouble passing the test, I have the money, it's not far or really even that inconvenient. It's sheer cussed laziness on my part, but now some perverse stubbornness has kicked in; the longer I wait, the less I want to do it. It's getting bad, too -- I find myself running yellow lights, turning without signaling -- being the opposite of extra careful, like I want to get caught and hauled away to DEQ jail! I am at war with myself once again; this time it's the honest law abiding citizen (who, to be fair, is usually in charge) trying to take down the lazy DEQ-ignoring moving-violation petty criminal who has somehow gained ascendance. But the HLAC has to go undercover, like Johnny Depp in 21 Jump Street! I probably should go take care of this tomorrow, before I find myself drag racing or operating an illegal taxi service. It's a cry for help, I tell you.

(the photo is from a road trip in 2005, in which I drove through a tree! not this tree, but a different, roomier tree. It was one of those things where you say to yourself "why the hell would I want to drive through a tree???, but once you get there all sensible objections evaporate and are replaced with the knowledge that yes, I will drive through a tree. I have to say that the gift shops in the redwoods, particularly anywhere in the vicinity of a drive through tree, are really TOP NOTCH for kitschy wonderfulness. or awfulness. Really, it's both. Wonderfully awful, awfully wonderful.)
8 comments on "confessions of a DEQ scofflaw"
  1. I think once I start driving that I will have to drive through a tree that is actually meant to be driven through, as opposed to the other kind that I most definitely do not want to be involved with.

  2. Yes! Hee hee. I think you would like it. It is just SO ABSURD. Maybe you can start one here in Oregon. I understand that the US's largest sitka spruce isn't so large any more (due to the windstorm that knocked it in half) so maybe it's ready for some tourist-repurposing.

    (avoiding the other kind of tree/car combination is a wise decision.)

  3. >> gift shops in the redwoods, particularly anywhere in the vicinity of a drive through tree, are really TOP NOTCH for kitschy wonderfulness.<<

    Like Wall Drug wonderful??? I feel a road trip season coming on...

  4. How was the DEQ? Is that why some people have that weird sticker in their car window with a date, meaning that they have yet to have their car checked out or whatever? So many things to find out before I start the long drive. I think that I might go to the BO rally Friday morning. A wannabe Presidential rally is something I haven't attended yet. Well, I went to a Clinton rally in 1992 but that isn't quite the same thing. I don't think he was hoping for the party nomination, just the votes. And I will be sure to avoid driving into trees.

  5. Martina, they are definitely in the SPIRIT of Wall Drug, if not the scale. (lots of chainsaw sasquatch/giant eagle/bear statues for convenient photo ops!)

    BBD -- I don't know how the DEQ is! I have not gone yet!! (would you like a ride to the Obama rally in my illegal taxi?) I was at your library today!

  6. You are going to the rally? Really? I would love to go with you. Not so much for a ride as for the not being in such a crowd laughing alone. You should let me know when you will be at my branch! I can alwaysALWAYS find an excuse to pop in. I mean seeing you would be reason enough, but if I needed an extra reason I could come up with one.

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  8. Man, I am so bummed that all of those tickets ARE GONE. and were gone before I even was aware that it was going on. (can you tell that I've been deleting all moveon mail unread?) I hope you have a super-good time and report back!

    I will also let you know next time I'm at your branch. (twice this week!) I finally have worked with your favorite, and he's very nice indeed.

    spam guy, I am not even going to delete you since you ended with A hug. ha ha ha!


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