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Thursday, March 27, 2008
Sit Here
another installment in the ongoing saga of ... Love Graffiti At The Park:

I spotted this a couple of weeks ago on the bench part of a picnic table. My shoe was untied and I was looking for a spot to fix it without kneeling in mud. (my right sneaker comes untied AT LEAST once every time I wear them. Obviously I need a remedial right-shoe-tying course or video or something. Maybe I should ask the advice of a competent six-year old. Why only the right shoe? Why so many mysteries lately?) Anyway, imagine my surprise when I looked down and saw SIT HERE marked out with fairly generous arrow (generous considering these were sharpie directions in a public park). CURIOUS. I looked to the right of the arrows and saw the rest of the message, "I LOVE YOU BABYYY!!" What's going on here? Why did he or she have to sit right there? Three Y's? is this a code of some sort, or did the writer simply get carried away by the time they got to the end? I don't think this is the same prankster as the Love Sticker Leaver or the Chestnut Person, but I do think it's funny that 95% of the graffiti in this park is very sweet if a little bizarre.

sit here because I love you babyyy

In Other News, I need to do some remedial right pinkie typing drills, because 4 times out of 5 I don't hit the P key hard enough on this new keyboard and I end up having to do all kinds of backspacing. As problems go, there are worse ones to have. Two days later and I still LOVE my new computer (of course) and am taking much delight in things that would not amuse an eighth-grader for ten minutes: the CD cover screensaver, for one -- I put it on just to watch them go! and also the ridiculously fun photo booth program. It's so silly and limited, but that's what I love about it. I have been pushing buttons and holding things up to the camera and having a fine old time. The cats are not amused, BUT I AM! I like that it's so limited -- in a lot of ways that makes it easier to experiment.

And now I must go read the last segment of Joann Sfar's Vampire Loves graphic novel. (Lithuanian emo-nerd vampire Ferdinand has a record collection and lady problems. It's really pretty funny. Or if you prefer, from the second link "At once silly and serious, wild and poetic, Joann Sfar’s disquieting tales are filled with intelligence and rich humanity. Vividly illustrated and sensitively written, Vampire Loves is alive with color, wisdom, and humor.")
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