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Monday, March 10, 2008
daffodils are blooming! These photos are from years past, but I am willing to testify in a court of law that they look pretty much the same this year.

daffodil bud
in bud

spring is getting closer...
in the rain

in the sun

daffodil (closer)
up close

yellow and orange

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  1. I can actually smell spring! Some neighbors have some sort of tree that just smells divine. I can't wait for the real thing!

  2. I can't wait either! Today the plum tree right outside my window is full of blossoms and birds. Mostly they have been cute, but there have been a couple of moments when there were just too many and it was a little Hitchcock in the springtime. But mostly just lovely.

  3. I find groups of birds to be unsettling. They scare me for some reason, but not all phobia-style. I am, however, not afraid of plums or blossoms or spring!!!

  4. Hooray. It's about time. Did you notice that it was still light out at 7PM last night? Perhaps warm weather is just around the corner.

  5. groups of birds are unsettling, unless it is a flock of seagulls in the distance, geese flying in formation far above me, or a raft of pelicans because I really like saying "a raft of pelicans."

    I am totally digging the light until later aspect of this time of year! The clouds usually make it dark at 6, but even knowing that it's light ABOVE the clouds does help.

  6. I would rather the sun come up as early as possible than stay up late, but I know soon I will have both.


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