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Tuesday, April 01, 2008
to: pinky

Sometimes (okay, a lot of the time) I think it would be REALLY GREAT if I could just accomplish things with only the power of my thoughts. I'm not unreasonable -- I'm perfectly willing to think about the things I'd like to accomplish for up to (although ideally less than) 70% of the time it would actually take me to do them. AND YET this incredibly generous offer remains untaken by whatever power in the world grants mental spoon-bending abilities. (I don't really want to bend spoons -- it's just a figure of speech. I really want to move all my furniture while catching up on my reading.) But no matter! I've decided to take the high road here -- no hard feelings from me, Spoon Bending Authority, despite the fact that I promised I'd only use my powers for good! I can take the hint. (I also thought of a nasty side-effect of telekinesis: the unbidden thought! I don't know about you, but some days around the old brain it's all id/super-ego fight, fight, fight and I can't even imagine what kind of mess that would make were it to manifest directly.) So, OKAY! My pledge for April (which I see as being a very busy but very wonderful month) is that I will stop waiting for my Brain Powers to kick in and just do some of those things I've been meaning to do. I'm actually pretty excited, and have already begun getting things done on april-eve.

Pink in the Park The picture at the top of this post was from a week ago or so -- someone had put these stenciled stickers on one of the gates around the park. Litter? maybe, although I would argue that it's not. Cheerful? Definitely! Speaking of pink, there's a beautiful cherry tree at the park that's in full bloom right now. Pictures do it no justice, because there's just no way to capture how frothy and ephemeral the blossoms are -- they look like they're just floating AROUND the tree rather than being attached. I think you could cure a lot of ills just by standing under this tree. (I think it's how I finally overcame my telekinetic dissapointment.... which gives me a great idea for my new Crackpot Counseling Service. Who's the crackpot? Sign up and find out!) Seriously, though -- it is the kind of beautiful that changes things for the better. I did take a couple of pictures -- the one below is hopelessly blurry, but I like it anyway.

profoundly blurry cherry blossoms
5 comments on "to: april, re: my telekinetic failures, pink, etc."
  1. Hopelessly blurry pretty much sums up exactly how I have been feeling so it was nice to see it in print. I love the photo and I love cherry blossoms so much! They smell so "good"!!! April does feel like a "get on with it" sort of month, stop putting things off and all of that. I think that at the end of this month I want to look back and say to myself, out loud and in public, "I made that!!!" I have no idea what "that" will be, but I like that also, not knowing or worrying about it.

  2. I'm sorry you've been feeing hopelessly blurry. Would a nice vacation to a jamaican ice hotel with adjacent abba museum make you feel any better?

    I like your plans for the end of the month! I want to do that too. I don't know what it is, but I am totally gonna do it!

  3. Hopelessly blurry isn't exactly an overwhelming feeling, so it is aight, just not WOW. Yes, I think a trip on an ice cruise ship to an ice hotel in Jamaica with an ABBA museum right there, well, would definitely cure almost anything that troubled anyone anywhere. Also, I can't believe that the library is "closed" Thursday. LAME!!!

  4. ha ha! I know the signs say it is for "training" which is true... but it's known internally as Staff Day and there will be free food!

  5. I hope that you enjoy the day old whatever they serve y'all. I have two things in transit and I guess I'll have to wait until Friday for them. So awful. Actually, they are just sort of comic book things featuring Jack, so I am not exactly broken up about it.


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